How to Maintain your Erection after Orgasm…

I used to think it was impossible to maintain an erection after orgasm, but turns out it’s not.  While some men are naturally blessed with the ability to keep their erection after an ejaculation, I was not one of these.  I also have a very long refractory period, or period of time between ejaculation and my next erection.

A friend of mine that I work out with at the gym tells me that he can have an orgasm and keep on going until another orgasm…naturally I can’t do this, but when I use the male multiple orgasm technique properly, I can…I’ve had more than 5 orgasms with the same erection, never losing my erection after any of the orgasms.

The male multiple orgasm technique is really quite amazing…hard to believe almost.  I’ve done the technique various times, and it’s still hard to believe that it works, but there’s no arguing with the fact that I can do it, and on a regular basis.

Male multiple orgasms, when performed properly, are also a great solution to premature ejaculation…that bastard…who doesn’t hate premature ejaculation?

I suffered with premature ejaculation for most of my sex life, but now, when I get the urge to orgasm, I just pull off the male multiple orgasm, have an orgasm, but eliminate the refractory period… without the refractory period, I can keep my erection, and keep on penetrating….the good thing is, it completely releases all the tension (without releasing the sexual desire), so it is like I’m starting all over again, while my girl’s engine is already warmed up, and she just needs a little more.  This makes it much easier to last long enough to make my girl orgasm.

And if another orgasm starts coming up too soon, I just perform the technique again, and voila!  I maintain my erection after the orgasm and keep on truckin’.

I’ve researched the male multiple orgasm technique for many years, and I have compiled all of the important steps necessary to pulling off this amazing technique.  While the technique is amazing, it does take a little work to really learn it right.

I’ve come across people who are convinced that it is impossible to pull off, due to the lack of complete instructions available.  But with my instructions, I’ve had numerous people contact me explaining how well they can perform the technique, thanks to the instructions in my guide.

If you would like to learn how to last longer during sex, while eliminating the male sexual refractory period, check out my guide to the male multiple orgasm, available for download here: Male Multiple Orgasm

The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men

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  1. leslie mc rice says:

    hi ,i have a big problem and i can haven sex.i cant get hard,when i hard its on in off,i cant get through to my wife ,when i through its only take like 1 minutes i come ,its a shame for me ,see how you can help plz

  2. TARUN KUMAR says:

    hi sir i have a sex problem i feel i need assistance in this matter while having sex my sperm is discharging with 1 to 2 minutes i am not able to satisfy my wife this is very shame to me please help me in this matter. If any medicine is available please say me the name of it and how to take it .
    Hoping for you early reply

    • You should learn some oral techniques, to make sure you are getting her off first. So even if you cum early, at least you know she had an orgasm.

      Next, you should learn a combination of ejaculation control exercises and knowledge on how the female orgasm works, so even if you can extend your performance to five minutes, those five minutes are stimulating your girl the way she needs to be stimulated.

      Or the male multiple orgasm technique mentioned above works well… good luck!

      For more information on all this, my guide will help. 60- day money back guarantee… you’ll be giving your girl orgasms during penetration… click here…

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