How To Convince Your Girlfriend / Wife To Swallow…

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Convince wife to swallow

If you’ve never had a girl swallow your cum during a blow job, then you haven’t experienced one of the most satisfying and incredible pleasures possible… it is literally like heaven on earth.

That is what I told my girlfriend this weekend… I told her that I had just experienced heaven on earth after she swallowed my semen…

I’ve had a couple of women in my life swallow my cum during a blow job… and I’ve never experienced any pleasure more erotic, or intense.

It is almost like she is completely accepting and taking in you and everything about you. Beyond the physical pleasure, the emotional reward feels so great.

The women that seem to do this are the ones that you make feel valuable first.  Make them feel special, and make sure to spend some time going down on them, and treasuring and complementing their vagina and clitoris.

This weekend, before my blow job, I went down and ate this girl out for a good twenty minutes.  I made sure I gave her a couple of solid orgasms, and made her feel treasured…

She kept on quivering and shaking and moaning (and squirting), and I just kept on going and going…once I was finished feasting on her beautiful vulva, I politely asked her to return the favor, and she happily complied, until I was dry…

As I mentioned, I’ve had a couple of women do this before.  They are usually women that I have a very close emotional connection with, and that I’ve spent a lot of time pleasuring (usually orally).

And then just asking, politely… if you need to beg a bit, so be it? Who gives a shit about pride… it may just be what makes her give in…

Tell her the amazing health benefits of semen, such as it being an anti-depressant, multi-vitamin and sleep aid.

It may take just some asking and convincing… in sales, they say you need to present something to someone 7 times before they buy… use the same approach with your girl, if she is being difficult.

Or ask her if it’d be okay on a special occasion.. like your anniversary or birthday.

Also, if you’d like to give your girl such powerful orgasms that she may want to swallow you in return, see here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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