“How to make your Penis longer, thicker, and heavier, Naturally”

People generally don’t believe there’s a way to make your penis bigger, short of surgery.

Most people will tell you “you’ve got to learn to live with what you got”.

I assumed that life was too unfair for me to be able to make my penis bigger.  I saw before and after photos of penises that had increased by inches, and I still did not believe it worked…

however, it did further spark my interest in these manual exercises that were supposed to make my penis bigger.

I continued to research on penis enlargement while I began a beginner’s routine myself.

I came across more and more men who had increased the length and girth of their penises by oftentimes more than 2 inches.

Men making their penises bigger, on their own, at home, with manual exercises that actually improved erection quality.  And oftentimes with before and after photos of gains in penis size that were very hard to deny.

I had researched a little on the penile enlargement surgery, a surgery that cuts the ligaments at the base of your penis to pull out some of your “inner penis”.  This can increase the length of your erection by about an inch and a half at most.

Many people are satisfied with the results from this surgery, more for their own ego’s sake.  However, erectile quality usually diminishes in most men who’ve had the surgery because the ligaments have been cut.  Not the greatest of trade-offs in my opinion.

On the contrary, penis enlargement exercises stretch out these ligaments.  This stretching actually strengthens the ligaments, leading to improved erectile quality.

Other penis enlargement exercises, which work by increasing the capacity of your shaft to hold blood, permanently increase the “meat” of your shaft, while stretching the ligaments and pulling out some of that “inner penis” that is pulled out by the surgery.

It sounds scary, and I wouldn’t trust it either.

I still carried on with my journey into the penis enlargement world.

I saw more and more men who’ve accomplished amazing gains in penis size, including one man who’s increased his erect length from 4.5 inches to 7 inches, and a number more who gained even more than this.

My first time measuring I had gained a little over half an inch in a few months (from just under 6 inches to 6 and 1/2 inches).  I gained more faith in penis enlargement exercises at this time, but I felt that maybe my mind (or the ruler) was playing tricks on me.

It wasn’t until I passed the 7 inch mark that I was completely positive that penis enlargement works.

I’ve continued performing my exercises since then, and although gains have slowed somewhat, I’ve made it to about 7 and a half inches in erect length, 1.5 inches more in erect length then where I started.

I am proud of my penis, and I continue to make gains, little by little.

I’ve recently made some further observations during my penis enlargement session, that have been contributing to a recent increase in flaccid penis size.

My penis used to be embarrassingly small when soft, now it’s actually heavier, thicker, and hangs lower…

I don’t even need to say hangs lower, all I have to say is that my flaccid penis hangs, and I’m happy enough with that.  My flaccid penis used to poke out like a little vienna sausage.

I naturally worry quite a bit, and I felt that penis enlargement had to be too good to be true: a bigger penis, stronger erections and no negative side effects?

I felt like there had to be something wrong with the  whole penis enlargement situation, too many positives, where was the downside?

So I began looking for people who had performed penis enlargement exercises for 10+ years.

Turns out, several of the men that I’ve learned penis enlargement from had been doing it for 10 years plus, including a man in his mid-fifties who had diabetes and who claimed his erections were as strong as they were when he was in his twenties, thanks to these exercises.

no negative side effects, improved erectile quality, and nothing but inspirational stories of happier wives and lovers.

I myself have noticed an improved capacity to fully satisfy my lady through intercourse alone.

A Guide to making your Penis Bigger by a Penis Enlargement Veteran

I’ve written down all of the knowledge that I’ve gathered over the years on penis enlargement exercises, including all of the helpful observations, and things that have really made a difference in helping me gain an extra inch and a half.

I also include a beginner’s and advanced penis enlargement routine.

Very quick, easy to read, thorough, and guaranteed to safely make your penis bigger by inches.

I’ve had over 1,000 men download my penis enlargement guide.

I’ve actually recently been in communication with an older man (told me he was 81) by the name of Rick who recently read the guide and began to perform the penis enlargement routine.  He just sent me over an e-mail including the following statement:

“Hi David – the length and girth seems to be improving all the time. I think my wife is finding it quite enjoyable. When I am inserted and massaging her clit with my finger she is very happy.”

In all honesty, this is some exceptionally interesting feedback to me, especially considering the man’s age.

To see some of the feedback I’ve gotten from other men who’ve followed my guide, click here…

I’ve also  received some before and after photos of the results men have gained with these exercises, and I must say, they’re inspiring to say the least.  If you’d like to receive the before and after photos that I’ve gathered, just send me an email here with “photo proof” in the subject line.

Or if you’d prefer to download the guide right, you can get it right here:

Feel free to comment below with any questions or thoughts you might have.  Or you can reach me at my e-mail address below.

Have a good one!

-David aka Mr. Manpower
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men


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