How to Turn a Woman On: A Man’s Guide to Foreplay

Mr. Manpowers Guide Mistermanpower e1432475533585 300x261 How to Turn a Woman On: A Man's Guide to ForeplayI think that most people don’t have a problem with turning a woman on and getting her wet.  But if you do, this is definitely one area that you need to get learn.

I’ve always had a natural talent for getting a woman dripping wet, but I understand that there are some people out there that have problems with this (the more robotic/frigid types).

No biggie, just take your time, use her body to make YOU horny, connect with the woman, and don’t rush to the intercourse.

I’ve heard on various occasions, women saying that they don’t get enough foreplay, or that they actually prefer the foreplay to intercourse.  I really enjoy this part myself (tits… and nipples… I love them… I also love blowjobs and hand jobs…. so foreplay, I don’t pass up on).

Consider the woman like a gift you are receiving on Christmas.  She is giving herself to you, for you to unwrap, and play with.  That body is yours (at least for the moment); enjoy it.

The goal of sex isn’t to bang away as hard as you can, ejaculate on her breasts, and hope you made her orgasm.  If you think that’s the goal, then you’ve been watching too many pornos.  The goal of sex is too maximize the pleasure of both (or more) parties involved, and satisfy that urge.

There are two ways that I personally use to turn a woman on, and they both begin in the mind.  One is the slow, teasing form, that builds up to an intense arousal level, and the other is the violent manhandling form (depends on the mood and the girls preference).  With either one, you need to first connect on a mental level with your woman, have her feel comfortable, and start off with some kissing.  Slow kissing on the lips, tugging at the lips, sucking each other’s tongue, earlobe, neck…

For the first method:  Go in for the breasts (over the shirt) and lightly caress and grope, teasing until she wants to take off her shirt and bra.  When she does, play with her breast, lick, suck, slowly everywhere but the nipple.  She will be fiending for you to suck or lick her nipples, but you will tease everywhere but that area.  When you finally do touch down on her nipples, it will be an explosion of pleasure for her.

Same with the clitoris, vagina, and ass.  Lick, and kiss the inside of her thighs, on her pubic mound (hopefully she’s shaved), around her ass…everywhere but her main points.  Do this in a circular motion, moving towards her hot spots, but don’t touch them yet.  By the time you do, she should be gushing like a waterfall already.

I had one girl that I did this to for a while.  I didn’t even start working on her clitoris yet, as a matter of fact, she still had her pants on.  I just circled around her breasts and back and forth kissing her, and then her neck, etc.  By the time I started sucking her nipples she started shivering and breathing real hard and fast…I think she was having an orgasm.  I never asked her if she did, but some woman can have an orgasm just off of having their nipples played with.

Then on the other hand, there are women who like it rough. 

I had one girl especially that required me to manhandle her every time; if not she wouldn’t get turned on.  She liked me to force her clothes off, while she was resisting the whole time.  It was strange; at first when she would resist, it seemed like she really didn’t want to do it, so I would stop.  But then I realized that she resisted every time, even when she started it.  It was all just part of her act.  She pretty much liked feeling like she was being raped.

After a while I got the hang of it, and started liking it.  I would force her pants off while she was telling me to stop.  I would pin her hands to the bed while she would resist me performing oral.  After a while she’d give in, and just take it.  I would pin her arms to the bed behind her, or the wall, or whatever.

What really got this one going was when I would bite, or suck really hard on her nipples, while fingering her violently.  While I was doing this I would say all kinds of nasty things to her…and get her to say all kinds of nasty stuff too.  After a while she would start shaking and breathing real hard, and practically beg me to fuck…  by then she was gushing wet all over….

She also really liked getting her hair pulled and spanked real hard…seems like most hispanic girls with curly hair that I’ve dated like this….

So yeah, those are a few surefire ways to get your girl nice, hot and bothered….now that’s half the battle.  How to make a woman orgasm is the next step.  For more information on how to finish the job, click here: Good Penetration Techniques To Make A Woman Orgasm

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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