I Couldn’t Fully Grip My Shaft – How To Add Girth To Penis

how to add girth to penis 224x300 I Couldn't Fully Grip My Shaft - How To Add Girth To PenisI’ve worked on natural penis enlargement, off and on, for many years now.

It’s actually something VERY cool to me, that I still enjoy to this day.

Nothing like getting out of the shower, with a long, heavy, hanging flaccid penis, and keeping this bigger flaccid hang and weight for days.

Nothing like pulling out a longer, thicker, veinier, harder erection before sex, and hearing a woman’s comments about the pain/pleasure your large penis provides her.

One thing that I always had a fair amount of was girth. While not monstrously thick, I did have a decent girth (definitely not a thin penis). My length was within the average range, and I wanted to increase my penis length more than anything (just to say I have a 7 and a half inch penis sounds way more impressive than saying a 6 inch penis – shoot, to me at least…).

The bigger flaccid penis was a really cool plus I didn’t predict either… but a thicker girth?  I never saw that coming.

How To Add Girth To Your Penis – Perform Natural Penis Enlargement With Some “Life” To Your Penis

Performing natural penis enlargement at a higher erection level works your girth better.  Your penis needs to have a little “life” to it, in order to do some girth work. In order to increase it’s weight as well, some blood flow must be present.

A dead, lifeless penis is no good unless stretching. Stretching is the only time you don’t want blood flow in the penis. But any other exercises, you should have some circulation going on.

A good thing to do is to think of something slightly arousing. I’ve come to the point that I can control how erect I become. Some men have no control over this, and become fully erect, and then ruin, or at least slow down, their penis enlargement session.  Become partially erect… get a “semi” as they call it.

Now you work on girth. Some advanced exercises to add girth to your penis can be done when fully erect, but this should not be done until you have conditioned your penis to the exercises.

I Couldn’t Wrap My Fingers Around My Shaft All The Way

A strange thing happened the other day.

Usually I only work on length, with a small amount of jelqs (50 – 100) at the end of my session, just to improve blood flow and flaccid hang/weight, but I decided to work on girth. I performed some Horse 440s (NOT FOR BEGINNERS!!!), and by the end of my session, my shaft was massively thick after all the “pumping”.

I then went to do a last few jelqs, and I couldn’t wrap my fingers around the base of my penis.

Mind you, my hands are not all that big, (thick hands, short stubby fingers), so this is understandable… but I really never had this issue. I could always touch the tips of my index and thumb, but not this time…

My girth was huge.

Penis enlargement gains stay with you to an extent.  Much like hitting a big pump in the gym… you walk out of the gym with your muscles pumped up and large, but lose a large part of this this “pump” in the following hours… however, each week you maintain more and more of this pump, and that’s how you build muscle.

Similar to gains from natural penis enlargement

If you want to learn what I’ve learned about natural penis enlargement over the years, including how to add girth to penis, click here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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