I Make My Woman Orgasm Every Time…

Without a doubt, I have to make sure my lady orgasms every time we have sex.

I was once left by a girlfriend who I loved like crazy, for not making her orgasm.  I was in love with this girl; I dated her for about 6 months.  She was the sexiest freak I’ve ever been in…I fiended for her like a drug, no lie.

Its been a couple of years since we’ve broken up, and every once in a while she still pops into my head, and I start thinking about how hard I’d love to fuck her…but I still don’t call her; she’s such a pain in the ass.

While going out with her, I tried for months to make her orgasm, and we were having sex MANY times a week.

The best I got was one time she told me she had a “little” orgasm…but that was it.  Little by little she started disappearing out of my life, avoiding my calls…

The day she dumped me, she gave me head and swallowed my cum for the first time…

…after she dumped me, when I was sad as fuck… this really psychologically messed with my head.

I didn’t even know where the clitoris was back then… I used to think I just had to fuck her harder, for a little longer, get deeper in her.  I knew about natural penis enlargement back then, so my penis may have been thicker already, a tiny bit longer (I wasn’t very dedicated to it back then)…made no difference, I still couldn’t make her orgasm.

She checks up on me every 6 months or so…she left me for some 30-year old dude that without a doubt knew how to make her cum (old-ass dude…she was 17).  She ended up having his baby about a year ago.

That would have been MY baby…that was my lady, and I really, really was into her…shoot, I still think about her…dead serious.

Anyway, it lead me to searching for every piece of information I could ever find on how to make a woman orgasm.  I looked at books, printed up guides from the internet  and read them on my free time, read books about Taoism, male multiple orgasms, oral sex, the g-spot, how to make her ejaculate, Karma Sutra…all kinds of stuff.

My plan was to win my ex-girl back by finally making her orgasm.

I read for weeks on end about different ways to make a woman orgasm.  Whenever I had free time I would be researching on this mythological event.  I pictured using these techniques on my ex, I pictured her being fully satisfied, and completely happy with me and our relationship.

Sadly I never got to use my newfound knowledge…

Happily, I now had tons of knowledge on what it took to make my NEXT girlfriend orgasm…

And then came my next girl…

Freaky, still loved sex, but she was NOTHING as freaky as “the one” before her.

However, I had the ability to practiced what I had learned on her…

  • I was able to make her cum through oral,
  • I was able to make her cum through penetration,
  • I was able make her cum by fingering,
  • I was able to make her have multiple orgasms,
  • I was even able to make her squirt (ejaculate) from both penetration and manual stimulation of the G-spot.

Then I dumped her…I was sick of her ass..seriously, she was a major bitch and wasn’t worth all the headaches she gave.

But on a more positive note, I learned even more about the female orgasm when applying all of this knowledge I had been gathering.

Fastforward to now:

My current girlfriend, my Colombian queen…I make her orgasm every time we have sex.  Her physical reaction is more than obvious… and it’s not about screaming and making a show… her vagina tightens up and vibrates on my dick, she releases a juice all over my shorts, she gyrates her pelvis hard into me, she breathed extremely hard and quick through her nose.

And she tells me!  “I came twice babe… that was amazing!” things along those lines, without me asking!

I’ve written down everything I know about the female orgasm, and how to give a woman powerful orgasms during penetration, in just a couple of minutes, with no foreplay, here: https://www.mistermanpower.net/how_to_make_a_woman_orgasm.php

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement


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  1. Is there such a thing as a map to getting a woman to cum, meaning if I do these ten or twenty things, she will cum hard, again and again ??

    I love to eat pussy, just have to really know how, to enjoy bringing her to orgasm every time, any tricks you would care to share please ??

    I have an average / small penis, are there any oral techniques that I can learn to compensate me and her ??

    What are the top 5 cunnilingus books on the market ??
    Anything else you would like to recommend ??

  2. Even with an average/small-sized penis, there are positions you can do to make a woman orgasm.

    As to oral sex guides and the female orgasm, of course I would recommend my guide #1, being that it summarizes all of the information I have compiled on the female orgasm over the years.

    Other than that, “She Comes First” and “I Love Female Orgasm” are a good start.

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