Increase the Flow of Arousal; Lower The Wall Blocking Erection

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How to overcome sexual mental block Imagine sexual arousal as a sort of a running water or river… it starts in the mind, and then flows down into the genitals.

If you are overwhelmed by anxiety or nervousness, there will be a dam set up in the mind that keeps the river from flowing into your genitals and becoming an erection.

You don’t need to completely remove the dam (completely clear your mind of arousal) in order to get the waterworks going, but you do need to “lower” the dam, or keep some of the anxiety in check.

You can’t do this by facing the arousal head on… you need to 1) increase the amount of water/arousal flowing from the mind, and 2) lower the damn slightly… once enough water gathers in the genitals, getting a strong erection shouldn’t be a problem.

Hope this doesn’t sound like a bunch of crazy bullshit to you… because it’s not.  It’s the key to overcoming mental block ED and achieving stronger erections on command.

1) Concentrate on getting as horny as possible.  Build up the force of the water.  Use her body to turn yourself on.  Act like she’s an actress in a porn you’re using to get aroused.  If you like tits, play with her nipples and use them to get aroused… funny thing is, when you do freaky stuff to turn yourself on, it usually really gets the girl turned on in the process.

2) Acknowledge that the anxiety is there.  Don’t try and fight it.  Acknowledge it’s there, and try and work through it / with it.  This will lessen its grip on you.  Lower the dam so more water can get through.

Some other things you can do are getting her hand putting it on your genitals so she can play with it while you use her to get aroused… getting a little more blood flow to your penis can’t hurt / nothing to be ashamed of.  Also, envision the penis becoming erect, and this helps it actually do so… imagine becoming more and more engorged with blood, and it will.

Lastly, know that while the first couple sexual encounters with someone may seem like a “battle”, once you overcome this sexual performance anxiety with a new lover, comfort will set in… and comfort is the opposite of anxiety, and therefore a friend of getting the waterworks flowing easier and on a more normal basis.

For more information on how to overcome this psychological ED, click here…

Have a good one!!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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