Is My Penis Done Growing? When Is Your Penis Fully Grown?

until what age does your penis grow 300x250 Is My Penis Done Growing? When Is Your Penis Fully Grown?The majority of your penis growth is done by 17 years old, with a small possibility of a little more growth in the next year or so.

Every body is different, and some may begin puberty or genital growth later on than others, but this is the average age when the penis is done growing / fully grown.

Testosterone levels have a relationship to penis size… the more testosterone production in the womb, and during adolescence, the larger the penis… on average.  Of course genetics play a major role in penis size as well.

In order to make your penis bigger after it is done growing, you can perform a penile enlargement surgery or begin natural penis enlargement exercises.

I’ve gained some good erect length and girth from penis enlargement exercises. I find them advantageous over surgery because you have a better chance of maintaining erection strength without the cutting of the ligaments.

Penis enlargement exercises actually “condition” the penis… your penis looks and feels stronger, along with being larger.

I’ve been able to add more than an inch to my penis after it was already done growing, as have many others…

I have harder, longer lasting erections as well from my better “conditioned” penis.

For more science behind these penis enlargement exercises, see here…

I’ve outlined all of the penis enlargement knowledge and techniques I’ve gathered over the years into one guide… for more information on how to make your penis bigger when done growing, click here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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