Is a Small Penis a Deal Breaker? Women’s Responses

what do women prefer length or girth 300x195 Is a Small Penis a Deal Breaker? Women's ResponsesI saw this on a question-and-answers forum today:

“Is having a small penis a deal breaker to some women?

I hear different answers on this question all the time.

some women say size doesn’t matter, others say it does. Some women sound cold-blooded about it, others seem more compassionate.

I have a 5.5 inch penis, and feel a little unconfident about it. Sometimes I feel that women treat me different after they see my penis, but then I think it might all be in my head

so what is it? Is a smaller than average penis size a deal breaker?”


It might matter to some girls, but I’d be surprised… it doesn’t matter to me unless it’s too big in which case painful. 5.5 is average so you don’t have anything to worry about. If you sleep with a girl she’ll be too busy worrying about her cellulite/labia/breasts to take much notice! That’s the thing about young people having sex. there’s insecurity on both sides!


Depends on the choice. There are no strict rules on how to have sex or how big should the penis be.

Many women are satisfied by the penis size such as yours or less. Many other women fantasize about big penis size.

The arousing zone for women is clitoris which doesn’t depend on the size of the penis.

So find your type of woman.


To some women size will matter no matter what. For a vast majority of us it only matters if the size is extreme–either way too small or way too big. Every length in the middle is more or less the same, meaning that girth and technique are more important to a woman’s sensations.

Don’t worry about your own size, just work on creative ways to use what you have. Get your mouth and finger involved at all stages, be open to suggestion, and be energetic, exciting and communicative and you can’t go wrong!


YES….penis length and girth matters to most women. You say you have a 5.5 inch penis…is it thick? Because, if so, you might be able to get a pass with some women—also if you can give great oral sex that would really give you kudos points. But don’t get so down on yourself because, women (like men) love confident men—-have you ever seen an ugly guy with a very attractive woman? I can assure you that it was his confidence first and foremost that attracted her to him to begin with and everything else came second, third and forth…


Size matters, but it’s nowhere near as important to women as guys think it is…

Women appreciate feeling “full”, but just as men come in many different shapes and sizes, so do women’s parts. What one woman considers big/small, another may consider small/big.

Besides, women’s pleasure “bits” are on the outside of her vagina – angle and technique are usually more important than size..


Like you said: Some woman think of it as important. Others dont. Find yourself someone who doesn’t.


No, I do not think it is a “make or break” in a relationship. I was married to a man who was about your size, and that had nothing to do with why our marriage ended. It’s all about the connection between two people, and as far as sex goes, it’s not about the size, it’s how you use it. Anyone who judges you based off your size is not worth your time anyway.


It’s all about how you use it. However, if the woman can not feel it to some degree it could be problematic.


People will say its not the size of the boat but the motion of the ocean but it at least has to have the ability to make a wave…


Guys like you are golden.

A real woman can make yours way longer…if she knows what she’s doing.

Remember, my friend, sex is not in your penis. It’s in your brain. Sex starts there first, then the penis will follow.

Nope, size does NOT matter. The ones that insist it does have no idea what they are doing.


I’ve been with a guy that was 11″ and thick and I hated it. It hurt really bad. My fiance is about 6. Best Ive ever had. To me its not size it’s about how you use.

My ex boyfriend didn’t have a huge penis. His was around the same size as yours. It didn’t bother me at all. I still got as much pleasure as I wanted. You should be confident. Its not small. I would say size doesn’t matter unless your like 2-3 or 4 inches. Then it becomes a problem. Your fine.


It depends entirely on the individual woman. We all have our own preferences. It’s much the same as hair color or female breast size. Tasted differ. Seems to me that men are the ones who worry most about their size. Seems to me men worry too much.

Good luck.


A 5.5 or smaller penis not always make it or break it or deal breaker but it does matter and yes you are on the small side. You need to work hard to make sure she orgasms.


I got 9 inches and I just post a pic on craigslist, then the magic happens 20 emails from woman ready to have sex with me now


5.5 is right in the middle of adult average size for an erect penis. You are not small.

Some women have to ride the biggest. It’s just the way they are.Most women get to like a man and will take what they have.


I’m 25 and have 4.5 inches. I can tell you yes it does matter. At least when its as small as mine.

I think Janet is right, most women expect at least 6 inches. You’re pretty close to that so I wouldn’t worry as much


It’s all about money. You can have a 1″ penis, be a millionaire, and women will be all over you.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Orange County


It matters to most women. However, if a woman loves you and cares about you, she’ll accept you the way that you are. Could she be happier and more sexually fulfilled with a larger man? Of course. Would she be happier sexually if you were larger? Of course. If you think differently, then you are fooling yourself. Everyone wants a physically and sexually attractive mate….EVERYONE. Everyone wants great sex. Bigger is always better, but if you are everything to this woman, then she can overlook that you are lacking.


Make it or break it? No.

Does it matter somewhat? Yes.Size matters but technique is more important. Here’s the thing, as long as you ALWAYS make sure your lover gets at least one orgasm you are gold.


I’m sure you’ll find some girl who does not really care about sex and you two will be happy, so enjoy the time you have looking, try not to let those size ladies get you down.


So in general it seems to be that size isn’t as important as using what you have properly and getting her off. Just make sure you learn about the clitoris and how to stimulate it!

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