Is There Anything That Can Make Your Penis Bigger?

is there anything to make your penis biggerLots of men wonder if there really is a way to make their penis bigger, or is it all nothing but a big scam.

Yes, you can make your penis bigger… and it doesn’t require surgery.

There are a couple of penis enlargement methods that ACTUALLY do work, but pills aren’t one of them.

My favorite of all the penis enlargement methods are the manual exercises/techniques… I’ve personally added 1.5 inches in extra erect length, and around an inch in extra girth.  I have a significantly longer and thicker erection.  My flaccid penis size is much larger.  My erections are harder now as well, thanks to the improved blood flow that these exercises bring.

Penis enlargement exercises are the only method, that I know of, that simultaneously increases your length AND girth.

Penis pumps can add girth to your erection. At first girth gains are temporary, but with enough continuous use of the penis pump can “cement” some of these girth gains.

Stretchers and hangers can increase your penis length… hangers work by attaching a device to your flaccid penis, and then adding weight to a hook at the end of it… scary, I know… but some men have claimed to add some major length thanks to hangers.

Extension devices aka stretchers work by gripping your penis behind the head, and holding in place, in an extended state.  This stretches the ligaments, and actually strengthens them.

As to penis enlargement exercises, I’ve been learning about this for a LONG time, because 1) I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t injure my penis, and 2) I wanted to make sure I used my time most efficiently.

I look for it, but I can’t find a downside to these exercises.  While the increase in my erection size is much appreciated, for some reason I really love how it’s made me “hung”… my flaccid size is MUCH larger than it used to be, and it gives me some major confidence… (shallow, I know… oh well)

Plus my rock-hard, long lasting erections (thanks to the improved blood flow to my penis) are also pretty damn cool.

But, yes, contrary to what all these know-it-alls say, you really can make your penis bigger…

As mentioned, penis enlargement exercises are my favorite method, and one I’ve learned a substantial amount of info on.  I’ve compiled all of my know-how, techniques and observations into one guide… click here for more info:

Any questions on penis enlargement, feel free to shoot me an email!

-David Carreras
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
“the ultimate sex guide for men… male potency without drugs”

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  1. Any creams increase penis

  2. i want increase my penis please guide me how to enlarge my penis

  3. interested but skeptical says:

    Just want to know I’m not going to get riped off. Everything sounds too good to be true. If I can enlarge my penis duing my 15 minute shower in the morning 3 days a week (mon,wed,fri), then I would pay 40 dollars for a downloadable book. But I really need assurance. After reading this entire webpage of info, what can you say to me that would convince me to buy this download? Be as truthful as possible. I only have one soulmate I want to impress.

    • Hello:

      Your concerns are the same any reasonable human would have when looking at this info. Making our penis bigger? That just doesn’t make sense right? Life is unfair right?

      Well in this case life seems to allow you to “cheat” (without any negative consequences). Send me an e-mail to with “photo proof” in the subject line, and it will reply with before-and-after photos showing the gains you can make with natural penis. enlargement exercises. Payments are accepted through PayPal, the world’s best known and reputed third-party payment processor, and if I was to constantly get people asking for their money back, they would have dropped me a long time ago…

      I barely ever get a request for refund…

      It works.

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