Jelqing Erectile Dysfunction… A Serious Issue?

jelqing gives you stronger erections Jelqing Erectile Dysfunction... A Serious Issue?When done properly, jelqing is a highly effective natural penis enlargement exercise, that works very well for girth gains — and to a lesser extent — length gains.

However, the internet is spread with rumors of jelqing causing erectile dysfunction, and in other words, natural penis enlargement harming the penis.

When DONE PROPERLY, jelqing and erectile dysfunction should be ANTONYMS… polar opposites.

Jelqing improves erections greatly, due the improved blood flow throughout the penis, and the improvement in the shaft’s ability to “hold blood”.  When DONE PROPERLY, jelqing will give you a bigger flaccid penis (bigger flaccid hang), and provide you  with physically harder, longer lasting erections.

Your penis is actually VERY tough. I’ve been beating the crap out of my own penis for a while now, on my journey to a bigger penis, and have been quite impressed with it’s resilience, ability to bounce back, and even more miraculously, it’s ability to increase in size and strength.

HOWEVER… you MUST grip your penis a certain way while jelqing in order to avoid putting pressure on the dorsal nerve that runs across the top of the shaft.  This is one of the main precautions when it comes to natural penis enlargement.  Always let the web between the thumb and index finger run across the top of the middle of the shaft… never grip there directly, ESPECIALLY over the nerve bundle right behind the head.

Erectile Dysfunction From Jelqing… Not An Issue When Following Proper Technique

Follow this to a T (more on this, and a couple more safety precautions can be found in my guide to natural penis enlargement exercises), and jelqing erectile dysfunction will not be an issue.

The precautions are actually quite dummy proof. Even if you stroke over the nerve bundle slightly, there won’t be any major issues.  But repeatedly performing natural penis enlargement incorrectly, and you may experience a temporary shrinking, or “turtling” of the penis after doing the exercises, numbness/less powerful orgasms, and if you continue on, erectile dysfunction.

But have the proper motions down, and you’ll be in good shape, with an increasing flaccid penis size, harder, longer lasting erections, and an increase in erect length and girth.

Natural penis enlargement can seem like a scary, unknown land with high-risks.  I will be happy to be your guide, help you avoid the pitfalls, and learn how to safely and quickly increase your penis size on your own, at home. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail to with any questions you may have.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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