Fat Men Last Longer In Bed – Here’s Why

fat men last longer in bed e1426787702675 300x288 Fat Men Last Longer In Bed - Here's WhySo I had it right all these years, knocking down beers every weekend…

Leave it to Turkey, a country named after food (well a bird, but, you know…), to find that men with bigger guts, and a higher Body Mass Index (BMI) were able to last longer in bed, compared to leaner subjects of the study.

The research, carried out at Erciyes University, found that men with more stomach fat had higher levels of the female sex hormone, oestradiol, a form of estrogen.  I’ve known for a while that excess stomach fat increases estrogen levels, but I did not know that it also contributed to men being able to last longer in bed.  The oestradiol disrupts a certain hormonal balance in the males body, that allows them to better delay ejaculation.

Heavier men lasted on average 7.3 minutes during sex, while their skinnier counterparts only lasted 1.8.

Follow Mr. Manpower’s advice to get fat and last longer in bed:

  • Don’t exercise; take up a hobby that involves sitting inactive for many hours, such as taking in whole seasons of Walking Dead or The Sopranos (an oldie, but classic), or taking up a new video game.
  • Go to Taco Bell every night, preferably when you wake up in the middle of the night, in order to eat a meal heavy in fats, and to disrupt your sleep, which will slow down your metabolism, and further reduce your testosterone levels.
  • Drink beer in excess amounts. Don’t miss a day.

I kid… I kid…. Don’t do this (too much at least… once in a while it’s actually nice to binge watch shows).

If you have a six-pack (abs, not Heineken), don’t ruin it for the sake of lasting longer in bed.  When I was a skinnier young buck, I still managed to learn how to control ejaculation and last longer (way more than 7 minutes), and it involved the mind only.  No need to reduce your testosterone production and knock your hormones out of whack just to be better in bed.

And while I have packed on a little pudge around the midsection (not too much though.. still try and keep it in check, but past 30, the fight gets harder!), and it may have helped me a little in delaying ejaculation, my testosterone levels are still important to me.

And if you are overweight already, just know, hey, you last long in bed.  You can knock a woman’s socks off better than that “shredded jock” you work with. Laugh behind his back.

So if you’re overweight, does that mean your testosterone production is screwed?

Just because you’re overweight, doesn’t mean you can’t have a healthy testosterone production. Any reduction in fat levels will provide you with a boost in T production, not to mention things like getting some sunlight, eating mixed nuts, broccoli (which carries out excess estrogen from the body) and strengthening the leg muscles boosts testosterone levels on its own.

Don’t ever go on a crash diet… terrible effects on your mind, body and hormones… just slightly reduce calorie intake and increase exercise levels… drinking lots of water helps, too.  A slow, gradual loss is healthier, and easier to maintain.

Or stay pudgy, but be a marathon man in bed!!  Who gives a shit about a six pack once you’re out of high school… work on increasing the size of your wallet… way more sexy to women anyway.

For more information on how to last longer during sex mentally, without having to gain weight, click here: How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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