Learn From Women How to Make Them Orgasm

how to give a girl an orgasm during penetration e1443470696794 300x256 Learn From Women How to Make Them OrgasmWhen my girl rides herself off to a few orgasms on top of me, I find it interesting the manner in which she does it.

It’s a VERY RAPID rubbing of her clit back and forth while she’s on top.  She’s very quickly grinding, with the fury that only fighting after an orgasm will create in you.

But the thing is, while I can make my girl orgasm by rubbing against her clit with my pelvis during penetration, replicating the EXACT movement is not easy.

Especially as a man, especially when I’m on top, and especially because I have a penis inside of her.

But with that being said, making her orgasm during penetration, the same way she gets herself off, is possible. And I’ve mastered it.

She was asking ME to please not orgasm… to hold off… but I wasn’t even close. She was speaking for herself.

Yesterday, while I was on top, I went for an all-out replica of her riding motion.

I penetrated, but with a VERY fast up and down motion against her clit at the same time.  A hard, relentless, SWIFT grind. Speed seemed to be the key here.

It was tiring… that it was.

But it was effective.

Within two or three minutes, and I’m talking no foreplay, no eating her out beforehand, she asked me:

“Please babe, hold it… don’t finish yet…”

I wasn’t close… this was funny to me.

She was right there… and she loved.  So I continued the quick grind/rub/drill motion, and within a few more seconds her pussy was tightening up and vibrating on my penis in orgasm…

And I still wasn’t close.

A good position to last long during sex, and give her orgasms at the same time

Most of what is supplying the pleasure is the rubbing against her clit with my body.

My penis inside her prods, and feels good, but it’s not what is providing the real orgasmic stimulation.

Not to mention the way I was penetrating didn’t provide strong stimulation to my penis in the way that gets me off… That’s why this is a great position/penetration tactic for men with premature ejaculation.

She LOVED it… and didn’t want it to end

I wanted to finish in the doggystyle position (what an ass my girl has…), but she laid there like a spoiled child… “keep doing it, please…”

Orgasm after orgasm I was giving her… and when I’d get up and tell her to turn around… “just a couple more, babe…. please”.

So I pulled a fast one, and went for the ol’ “in-out, in-out” ramming that gets me off…. and got her off on one last powerful, simultaneous orgasm.

I now have new trick up my sleeve! Hopefully you can use this, too!

Your lady is your best teacher

how to give a woman a penetration orgasm 300x227 Learn From Women How to Make Them OrgasmWomen usually know how to get themselves off…

I remember when I was younger, I had the dumb egotistical need to be the “orgasm giver”, so if a woman would ask to get herself off by riding me, it bothered me (I know… stupid).

And back then, a lack of understanding of the female orgasm, combined with premature ejaculation, ensured that I was never the “orgasm giver”…

In time I gained ejaculation control, and learned more about the clitoris, g-spot, and cul-de-sac, so I was giving women orgasms with me on top… but there’s always something to learn from the girl herself.

How are we going to know more about what they like than them?

One girl told me for her, she felt her g-spot was in her ass… so guess what, I put her on all fours, and she was having explosive anal orgasms, with very little work needed on my end.

Another told me she loved oral sex more than anything… so guess what, her legs were on my shoulders, and my tongue was sliding up her clit. And she was quickly getting what she like’d.

Ask them… and listen!

And when they ride you, watch!

And replicate!

Also, find out what she DOESN’T like…

My current girl HATES when I suck on her earlobes… something a previous girlfriend used to love (I for one hate a woman slurping on my ear… so I can understand her).

I had a previous girlfriend who HATED oral sex as well… her orgasms HAD to be with a penis.  (Men with premature ejaculation are shit out of luck with that one…)

Just ask her… finding out this info means you are intelligent… not ignorant.

Let her guide you… it doesn’t make you weak… then before long, you’ll be taking charge!

If you’d like further guidance on how to last long during sex and give women powerful orgasms during penetration

Premature ejaculation was something that plagued me for a long time… it felt like a hopeless task, trying to overcome it.  Luckily, I’ve found some techniques and exercises that have actually helped me learn to last as long as I want during sex… for more on these techniques, click here…

And while being able to delay ejaculation is important, you don’t need to be able to last 20 minutes to get a woman off.

As mentioned above, I get my girl off in under 5 minutes, and I’ve done this with several women, for a number of years back now.  So it’s not a fluke.

Clitoral orgasms, squirting g-spot orgasms, deep end/cul-de-sac orgasms, anal orgasms… making her cum with your mouth, fingers, and dick. For everything I’ve learned about the female orgasm, click here…

All of this information can be found, in my guide, Mr. Manpower’s Guide. Any questions, shoot them over! david@mistermanpower.net

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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