Life With A Little Dick (Then) & Life With A Big Dick (Now)

When I was younger, I had quite a few embarrassing moments due to a smaller-sized flaccid penis.

In my early teens, there was this girl Rosie who liked me (she was fine…and older than me). She did this weird thing when we were talking where she acted like she was leaning towards me, with her hand in my crotch.

When she put her hand in my groin area, she didn’t feel anything at all. My small flaccid penis must have been almost facing inwards.

She automatically sat back up, took her hand back, and put her hand over her mouth. She kinda laughed and made a face like she was surprised…and never messed with me again. She even spread a rumor that I had a small penis, which I denied vehemently.

Years later, I had a sexy girl that I took out on a date (first date) by the name of Natalia.

We were late for the movie and got ticket for a later one, so we had some time to kill. It was an awkwardly long time, so we just started joking around. I told her lets thumb wrestle.

Now I got pretty small hands for a man (nothing I can do to enlarge that) so when we thumb wrestled, she took note of it. She said something like ‘wow, you got small hands for a man’ and then I told her something along the lines of ‘don’t let it fool you, I’m big where it counts’ (which was bullshit, although my erect size wasn’t that bad to begin with; about 6 inches).

Well anyway, time goes on, and Natalia ends up becoming my girlfriend.

On our first night of having sex, after ejaculating, my penis shrunk up to its baby flaccid size. After a short while she was ready for round two, so she grabbed my flaccid penis to wake it up, and felt its embarrassingly small size, and said something like ‘small hands, small penis’.

That was one of the most painful ego shots I’ve ever taken. My penis must have shriveled up and disappeared inside my body.

I needed to do something. I had tried natural penis enlargement exercises before, but never stuck to it, and never really believed it. Then I came across some people that had gained upwards of two inches from these exercises, complete with pictures and all. This was all the proof I needed. I learned some of the most effective natural penis enlargement techniques and tricks from them.

Before long, my flaccid penis was hanging a little longer, and a little heavier. And although it took me a while to gain some erect length (since then I’ve gained more than an inch), my girth increased pretty quickly.

One day while having sex with Natalia on the side of her house (I’m an animal), she noted ‘wow, something feels different, better!’. Words of extreme encouragement.

Years later, years after Natalia, I went out to a night club, and started dancing with this beautiful, black woman. Being that she’s black, I assumed she must have seen some big penises from black guys I assumed she dated (stereotypical, I know, sorry).

Well it surprised me when after dancing with her for a while, and parting ways, her friend came up to me and said, “you’re the guy who was dancing with my friend. She said you had a big dick”. What? I was surprised, pleased and ecstatic all at once.

Another time, at a strip club, while sitting at a the bar with a friend of mine, a stripper came up and started dancing on me. Within a few minutes I was fully erect, and the stripper grabbed my dick. Without saying anything, she grabbed her stripper friend’s hand and put it on my dick. Her friend said  ‘man, he’s strapped!’…once again, feelings of ultimate satisfaction and pride…

I’ve updated my guide to natural penis enlargement with new pointers and tips that have recently helped me gain even more flaccid size.  If you’ve ever wondered how to make your penis larger without pills, in both its erect and flaccid size, well, this is how: how to increase flaccid penis size for a bigger flaccid hang

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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  1. Yeah sure. I guess whole story here fully fairy tale. The size matters much less if u do other things right so it never have actually affected other than ur self ego.

  2. I guess that could be true…everybody’s different, and place importance on different things in their life.

    To me though, my penis size definitely affects my confidence…call it shallow if you want…

  3. I agree with Mr Manpower, to the extent that I will soon be investing in the guide in order to increase my confidence and give my gf more pleasure.

    I don’t think it’s shallow, and DD, if you’d had the same experience I bet you you’d act exactly the same way.

  4. Hey Tom…I really appreciate that…I look forward to working with you in the future.

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