How To Stop Losing Erection When Doing Male Multiple Orgasm

how to stop losing erection male multiple orgasm technique 300x285 How To Stop Losing Erection When Doing Male Multiple OrgasmThe first time I read about the male multiple orgasm (MMO) technique, I was very excited.

It sounded like the cure to my problem. I used to have really bad premature ejaculation, and had a girlfriend whom I was unable to give an orgasm to.

This inability to make her orgasm was creating a rift between us; what used to be a tight, love-filled relationship was slowly getting torn apart due the bad sex, and my anxiety over the bad sex…

When done properly, the male multiple orgasm technique can CURE premature ejaculation, allowing you to stay hard after orgasm, and to continue on penetrating with a hard erection. This would have allowed me to penetrate longer and get the job done.

But one word in that sentence says it all… properly.

The male multiple orgasm technique is indeed a very advantageous “tool” to have in the bedroom, but if you don’t have it mastered, then you’ll have a lot of frustration coming your way.  A lot of wasted semen, a lot of lost erections, a lot of concentrating on things other than your girl’s orgasm.

The first time I tried the male multiple orgasm, I read some rudimentary instructions off of the internet, tried it out on my own (not during sex) and talk about beginner’s luck…

I hit my first orgasm, clenched down hard on the pc, made it through the first dry orgasm, and kept an erection with about 70 to 80% hardness… with a little stimulation, I made it back 100%, and was able to continue on with a rock hard erection after orgasm… until I reached my second orgasm… I was not able to replicate the technique on the second orgasm, but nonetheless felt very content.

It was the miracle solution to my problems!!

So I tried out the male multiple orgasm during sex, and guess what?  I got near orgasm, clamped down, and had the orgasmic contractions… but failed = I lost my erection, and my girl still didn’t have an orgasm…

Soon after this, she left me (she was leaving anyway…), and I can’t blame her really, looking back… imagine if the tables were turned?  I imagined how it would be if she was constantly getting me aroused, she’d have an orgasm, but I’d never get sexual satisfaction?  After some time, I could imagine becoming very frustrated and feeling like my relationship was incomplete.

I was set to learn the male multiple orgasm, but to REALLY learn it.  To get it down every time.

Yet, for the longest time, every time I tried the male multiple orgasmn technique I’d lose my erection… rather than improving my sexual prowess, failing at this technique became a confidence crushing experience… combined with the amount of semen I was losing (I’ve always lived by the old-school principle of not excessively ejaculating, in order to conserve some strength/motivation), it began to feel like a high pressure situation every time I tried out the technique.

I was tired of failing… 

So I began to read, and read, and read on MMOs… in all honesty, there isn’t much info out there on this technique… there are a few books out there, I’m not going to name any names, but none of them offered COMPLETE instructions on how to pull it off… however, a number of them did provide valuable insights.  It was like pieces to a puzzle I was gathering, and I was putting it together.  I wasn’t going to try again, due to fear of failure, until I felt I had a really deep understanding.

In time, I felt I had gathered sufficient knowledge to give it another try.

So I trained my pc muscle intensely for a couple of weeks (you need to have a highly-strengthened PC muscle – one part of not losing your erection during the male multiple orgasm technique), rehearsed the steps in my mind repeatedly and then came the moment of truth…

The day I mastered the male multiple orgasm, once and for all

I felt like a soldier prepared for war – I had an extremely strong PC muscle, and an attack strategy in mind.  I put on some porn, achieved an erection, began stimulating myself towards orgasm, mentally lowered my arousal…. got a little closer… mentally lowered arousal… then went for the final sprint to the finish line.  Right at the point of no return I clamped down hard, held the pc squeeze extremely hard, had a complete dry orgasm, and kept about a 90% erection… I continued on stimulation, and my erection was quickly back to 100%… it was like I was starting off with a clean slate!  No need to ejaculate, still aroused, and with a rock hard erection!  I had no refractory period!

Then came the second orgasm, where I repeated the same process, and passed through it without an issue! In total I ended up having five orgasms without losing my erection… since then I’ve been able to pull off the technique every time I want to.

If you are losing your erection during the male multiple orgasm technique, it may be for the following reasons:

  • You haven’t developed a strong enough PC muscle – make sure you are doing your pc squeezes properly, and for long enough. Don’t let neighboring muscle groups jump in and “help”
  • You are clamping down too early, or too late
  • You are not clamping down long enough, or hard enough (which could be due to a weak PC muscle)

If you are having a dry orgasm during the male multiple orgasm technique, but still losing your erection, then you are having a retrograde ejaculation. The ejaculation is going inwards towards your bladder. It isn’t harmful, or damaging in anyway.  You will just urinate the semen out the next time you pee (look at your urine, it will be a bit more cloudy/”bubbly”).

While a retrograde ejaculation isn’t harmful, it will still cause you to lose your erection when attempting the technique.  You need to cut off ALL the ejaculation, right from where it starts, in order to stay hard after orgasm.  If you continue to lose your erection when trying the male multiple orgasm technique, click here… I can show you how to master the MMO every time; complete instructions.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
the ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”

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