Manual Exercises For Hard Erections; Boost Blood Flow Capacity!

exercises for hard erections 225x300 Manual Exercises For Hard Erections; Boost Blood Flow Capacity!Not sure if you are aware of natural penis enlargement exercises, like jelqing?

Some people are afraid to try techniques like this on the penis, as this is such an important part of our body as men… imagine causing some damage?

Well I can personally attest, I’ve been doing natural penis enlargement for a long time now.

Besides having an erection measuring 1.5 inches+ longer than my original starting point of 6 inches (well, it was more like 5.8, 5.9 inches before I started), a thicker girth, and a bigger, hanging flaccid penis, I now have much harder erections.

And zero serious injuries… a couple of little light bruises to the head in the beginning, but once my penis became accustomed to the extra pressure created from these exercises, this stopped.

As long as you grip the shaft correctly (put the “web” between your index and thumb over the top of your shaft when jelqing), then you will avoid any pressure to the dorsal nerve, and you’re good…. more than good.

One of the strongest exercises for hard erections

There are a number of exercises for hard erections, including cardio (high-speed sprints is great for releasing growth hormone), concentrated PC squeezes, squats to boost your testosterone production (leg press as well), and a number of other techniques, but I attribute quite a bit of my powerful erection quality to natural penis enlargement exercises.

Beside the the jelqing, stretching strengthens the ligaments connecting from the penis to the body, and literally makes your penis into a rock hard, blood containing pole… if that makes any sense.

Since performing penis enlargement, my erection is not only harder to the touch, but it doesn’t go soft for a long time once it’s erect. My penis has increased in mass, and so has it’s ability to hold an increased level of blood during an erection.

What a difference between my penis now-a-days, and before starting the exercises

I used to have a very “unsturdy” penis… while I used to get erect quickly (when not nervous), my erection was physically softer than it is now, and it would go soft quickly if I didn’t keep it constantly stimulated.

My erection now gets hard, and STAYS hard, for a long time.  I even stay hard after ejaculation for quite a while.

My hopes are that if I keep up my penis enlargement routine, at least on a “maintenance” basis, then I will continue to keep these rock hard erections up until old age.

If you are looking to achieve harder erections, these exercises will work wonders… They’ve worked for men up in their 70’s and 80’s, men with diabetes, young men with psychological ED (nervous before sex), men of all ages. Not just exercises but certain guidelines to follow to keep your body at it’s peak = a powerful, libidinous, rock-hard erection producing machine.

Have a great weekend!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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