My Extremely Hard Erections

Lately my erections have been crazy.

Last night I woke up with an erection so hard that I had trouble turning over to lay on my stomach. When I went down to feel it, seriously, it felt like a thick wooden pole covered in flesh, anchored deep down in my body.

I got rather excited and just had to take a look at it. I flipped on the lights to take a look at my bad boy, and it was still extremely hard, not going anywhere. I figured what the hell, let me measure it to see if I’ve grown anything since the last time I measured.

Not much….either way it seemed thicker, and it is still an inch and a half longer than where I was before I started penis enlargement. That 8 inches is coming.

So after giving it some time to go soft (it took a long time), I went back to sleep again.

This morning I woke up to go to work, same thing…hard as steel erection. I had to brush my teeth and wash my face while having an erection, it wouldn’t go down…finally it died down enough to let me pee!

I remember just a few years ago I stopped waking up with an erection…now every time I wake up I have an erection!

Pretty much a sign that you still have the ability to achieve an erection (in other words, you don’t have erectile dysfunction) is if you have them while asleep…

So if you worry that you might have erectile dysfunction because you go soft when you are about to enter a woman, or you lose your erection when you are about to put on a condom, it is a psychological reason…most likely sexual performance anxiety aka sexual anxiety.

I wouldn’t brag about the quality of my erections, unless I was positive that you could get to where I am.

I have been working on exercises to increase the blood flow to my penis, and strengthen all of the muscles involved in the erection process, but not so much on lengthening exercises like I have the last few months.  Out of any available erectile dysfunction treatments, including Viagra, this is by far the most effective method with the longest lasting results.

For an in-depth explanation on the erection exercises I’ve done to improve the blood flow, erection quality, and overall condition of my penis, click here…

In the guide I also address techniques to overcome sexual performance anxiety, in men who have trouble achieving erections on command. Forget erectile dysfunction treatments such as Viagra and Cialis; this guide is all you need, guaranteed.

Peace, love and sexy time!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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  1. I wose infected by std before 3 months & thair wose flude in my pines.and now it’s stop .and when I do sex I have got erection problem still.I won’t to treat that please give me answer as soon as posible.quickly.

    • Hey Mase:

      Not sure if I can help in that case… not all that familiar with STD’s and their effects on erections… better talk to a doctor about that. However, your problem MAY be sexual performance anxiety… good luck man.

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