My First Orgasm – I’ll Never Forget You, Pool Jet

does viagra increase libido e1456877919540 My First Orgasm - I'll Never Forget You, Pool Jet

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was the most amazing experience in my life.

I was on summer vacation with my family in a small secluded island in Florida, where we had a time-share apartment. I must have been about 12 years old. Nobody had ever explained to me what masturbation was, or orgasm, or ejaculation. I had heard the words, but I had no idea what they meant.

Well on this hot, lazy afternoon, I was swimming around bored in the pool. Nobody was around. After swimming back and forth, around and down, I felt a very powerful water jet underwater. It was about halfway to the floor of the pool, so I had to hold my breath to get to it.

Well as most curious twelve-year olds are with their genitalia, I decided to mess around and put my penis in front of the jet. This was rather difficult because I had to hold my breathe, but once I felt the powerful jet blast against my penis, I decided it was worth holding my breath.

It felt great to begin with. It hit my penis with a vibrating force I have never felt, and sent me a warm, pleasurable sensation all through my body. After a short time, I noticed the pleasure would continue to escalate, and I wondered how high it would go. Every thirty seconds or so, I would have to get up to take a breath, but as soon as I went under again, I pretty much resumed at the level of pleasure I left off.

So I took a deep, deep breathe, and went under for this last go. The intense pleasure skyrocketed to that extreme explosion of pleasure we are all familiar with. My eyes were closed and I saw pulsating, different colors, while the warm ecstasy of orgasm pulsed throughout my genitals and to the rest of my body….The most incredible orgasm I’ve EVER had….I’ve never been able to repeat that amount of pleasure. I continued to visit the pool every night by myself during that vacation.

I thought you needed a pool jet to have an orgasm, so I humped pool jets all over for almost a year until I figured out the conventional method.

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