How I Achieved My Hardest Erection Ever

hardest erectionI’ve never had a harder erection in my life than the one I had in the middle of the night last night.

My body produced an extremely powerful, and rock hard erection like its never produced….my teenage super-horny erections were nothing compared to this bad boy…I’ve even taken medical erectile dysfunction treatments like Viagra before, and never had an erection this hard.

It felt like a massive piece of wood covered in flesh…the shaft was anchored in deep to my body.  In my body, holding the erection, felt like a bowling ball of muscle. The base of my shaft was thick as hell and sturdy, and my erection wasn’t moving anywhere, even if I pushed it down. The entire shaft was rock hard, and the head, which is usually softer than the rest, looked humongous.

I’ve been doing some intense erection strengthening exercises lately, but I believe the increased blood flow that comes from the natural penis enlargement exercises also contributed to this monster erection (yes… they do work… and no, they won’t harm your penis).

How to Achieve YOUR Hardest Erection Ever

Before you go into the medical ED solutions like Viagra and Cialis, you may want to try out my erection strengthening exercises.

Since performing these exercises, after achieving an erection, my penis doesn’t go soft for a very long time. Some people lose their erection during sex, others lose it while putting on a condom…I never lose mine. I have had sexual intercourse for 45 minutes+, without ever losing my erection, or having it go soft.  It is almost like once I get an erection, the muscle gets fortified, and the blood is not escaping.

These exercises strengthen all the muscles involved in the erectile process, while other manual techniques increase and facilitate blood flow to the penis… For more information on these rock hard erection exercises, check this out: Achieve Your Hardest Erection Ever…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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