Follow These Exercises To Get Some Monster Erections!

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monster erectionEvery time I wake up I have a monster erection.

It’s not only in the mornings either.  In the middle of the night, or whenever else I wake up (even if I take a nap) I wake up with a rock-hard boner… like I used to have in my teens.

Although I’ve always had a healthy erection, including morning erections, I’ve never quite had erections like this when waking up.

My penis stays 150% erect in the morning, and it takes quite some time before it can go down… (a good and bad thing… makes urinating a patience-building exercise…but mostly good).

I can thank erection strengthening exercises for these monster erections in the morning.

For instance, I perform a series of “super kegels” that work out the pc muscle, pelvic swing and all the other internal muscles responsible for holding a hard erection in place that stays hard longer.

Manual exercises create an improvement in blood flow to the penis and multiply the tissue/mass that “holds blood”, leading to a physically harder erection (harder to the touch).

I also make sure to keep my testosterone production healthy… sufficient sleep, some exposure to sunlight, weight training… good fats… sufficient Vitamin D

All these things things have combined to give me an extremely hard erection that becomes fully erect on demand, and stays up for as long as I need it….

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
the ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”

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  1. am 26 year old guy who’s been masturbating since 5-6 years old
    I used to be able to get early morning wake up erections but now i dont get it anymore since the past few months
    I also find it not easy for me to maintain an erection when i masturbate
    And after i ejaculate it becomes soft immediately
    I do not have any medical problem and not on any medication

    Is it ok not to have any early morning wake up erections?
    I am quite worried i might get erectile dysfunction

    • Masturbating since 5 – 6 years old? Wow, talk about an early starter!

      Not getting up with a morning erection can mean you are a little out of shape, your penis is out of shape, or it might just be from natural aging or a slight reduction in testosterone.

      It may also just be from lack of sleep or excessive stress.

      Its happened to me in the past, times where my erection went away, and was often from overworking and undersleeping, which in turn reduces testosterone.

      Sleeping more and reducing stress (working out, exercising, socializing, partying a little, meditating, time to slow down and recharge on your own) work well to get your testosterone pumping properly.

      Either way its a sign that you and your sexual unit might be slightly out of shape.

      Weight training is good for boosting your testosterone levels, which coincidentally naturally reduces your stress levels and helps you sleep better, as well as gives you a higher libido and erectile quality.

      Erection strengthening exercises can also help strengthen your unit. Check this out for more info on erection strengthening exercises…

      Have a good one!


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