Natural Exercises for a Heavier, Thick Flaccid Penis

How to make a thick flaccid penisI used to hate my tiny flaccid penis size.  Erect wasn’t so bad, but my flaccid size really sucked.

I was embarrassed when dancing close to women.  If I were getting intimate with a woman I would hide my penis from her before it got hard…

I hated getting out of the pool or the water in the beach because my tiny little thumb of a penis was imprinted against my wet bathing suit… I felt “lightweight” in the flaccid penis area…

My flaccid penis looked like it hadn’t grown at all since early adolescence.  It looked underdeveloped, like I hadn’t eaten enough while growing up or something.

However, the erect size wasn’t too bad… at around 6 inches, I was smack dab in the average of erect penis sizes… definitely a grower.

I had heard about natural penis enlargement exercises for a while, tried them out here and there, but never really stuck to them.

It wasn’t until I saw before-and-after photos of the results some of these guys achieved with these exercises that I was sold.

Even then I still felt quite unsure about the whole thing, however I now had a little more faith in the whole penis enlargement thing.

The day that my doubt was COMPLETELY erased was the day I measured my erect penis at 7 inches… as I mentioned, I had started at 6 inches erect, so all the while I would measure here and there, but I was convinced my mind was playing tricks on me, or I was measuring my penis wrong.

And all the while, while I was increasing my erect size, I had gained a heavy, long, thick flaccid penis along with it. 

Within a couple of days of performing the penis enlargement exercises, I began to feel a little weight in the flaccid area.  I would feel it in my hand while I was peeing… my flaccid penis felt thick, long… heavier in my hand.. an amazing feeling. Especially when I used to grab it with a “tweezer” like hold with my two fingers.

And the benefits have continued since then.  Walking around, I can honestly say I feel a lot more solid/manly then I did when I had that little vienna sausage poking out… I feel some weight hanging from my manly area.

I’m much more confident when dancing up on a woman now… women seem to respond a lot better to this thick snake then they used to respond to the little squishy worm… I’ve even had a woman just grab it out of the blue, and tell me I had a big penis.

For more information on exercises to make your flaccid penis longer and thicker, click here…

Have a great day!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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