Natural Penis Enlargement… A Secret Weapon Against The Competition

natural penis enlargementThis world is brutal…

Sure there are the lucky few:  short, fat guys who by some stroke of luck ended up with hotties…  But this is the MINORITY.

Most of us need to play our cards to the best of our abilities, and get what we can get.  On average, the better the cards, the better we get.

Even the short, fat guys usually have at least an excellent sense of humor, confidence, and dress well… or some sort of combination.

Or they have a big dick…

Or money…

Here’s an analysis of me…


  • short (5’7″),
  • bald,
  • small hands (and women do look at that…)

Strong points:

  • strong (pretty well built other than the paws),
  • good understanding of women and what attracts them,
  • attractive face,
  • good sense of humor,
  • And a big dick.  That continues getting bigger.

And you know what?  Every few millimeters I add to my penis with natural penis enlargement exercises is a step up in the ranks.

A woman, who is dating two men and is choosing between them (it happens, we just don’t know about it)… one tall, good looking man with an average penis, and one short, average looking man with a big penis… will pick the shorter man with the big penis.

Natural penis enlargement exercises work.  You can add an inch or two to your length (not going to promise more, but it’s possible), up to 50 – 75% more girth, and increase your flaccid penis size… all the while increasing erectile strength.

I’ve learned about penis enlargement ever since the early days of the internet.  I’ve learned from men who’ve added more than 3 inches to their erect length (one who even added 4.5 inches… but never met another).  I’ve perfected my “craft” over the years, and have a much larger member to thank for it.

You can waste hours tugging and playing with your dick, and most likely you’ll add some size.  Or you can learn what really works, and maximize your size gains in as short a time as possible.  For more information on penis enlargement exercises that actually work, click here:  increase penis size with natural penis enlargement exercises

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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