Natural Ways to Increase Libido

In order to increase libido, there are a number of natural things you can do.  First and foremost, libido can be your energy spent in any direction.  If you work extremely hard on something, like your career, you are using some of your libido for that, and if you are a person who doesn’t handle stress well, you will spend even more of your libido.

So the first step to increase libido is to reduce stress, or at least learn to cope with it better.  Breathing exercises help to relax the mind and body, which in turn reduce stress, which in turn will help you increase libido.

If you maintain high levels of stress for long periods of time, you will produce more cortisol, the stress hormone, and this in turn reduces testosterone by up to 40%, and burns serotonin as well (the happy hormone).

Exercise, both weight training and cardio, as well as eating well, meditating, sleeping sufficiently and finding time off are all neccessary to keep your cortisol levels down, which in turn will increase libido, sex drive, and overall sense of well-being.

That is the first, and most fundamental step to increase libido.  If you have noticed a reduction in your sex drive, and overall interest in sex, you may consider my guide to libido enhancement.  It is just one part of my ultimate sex guide, Mr. Manpower’s Guide to Overall Manhood Enhancement.

In my guide to libido enhancement, you will learn certain guidelines, as well as exercises and activities to partake in, to naturally boost your testosterone levels, sex drive, libido, etc.  You can learn more about my guide here: Libido Enhancement

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-David aka Mr. Manpower
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men

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  1. i’m 32. i’ve always had a high libido and never had a problem before. even a kiss from a girl would pump me up so to speak. but i’m seeing a girl now who i’ve recently been intimate with and ….nothing. because i was stressing about “it”, i bought some ‘performance enhancement” pill with ginseng, horny goat weed etc, and it seemed to have the opposite effect. could it be stress related? i mean stress about the relationship? by myself i never had a problem. i’m usually horny all the time. so i know i’m not impotent. any advice?

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