Overcoming Premature Ejaculation With Dry Orgasms

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How to have dry orgasmsIf you have a bad case of PE, then you have two options for fixing your problem:

1) last longer before orgasm,

2) stay hard after orgasm and continue on penetrating.

Either way, the goal is to stay hard long enough for a woman to orgasm. There is no time limit that says you have premature ejaculation.  You can last five minutes, you can last half an hour… if a woman is having an orgasm, you are good… if she’s not, you have premature ejaculation.

As to lasting longer before you ejaculate, there are ways to retrain your mind in order to get used to being a “long laster”.  While masturbation doesn’t exactly cause premature ejaculation, it could cause you to associate impatience with sexual stimulation.

Patience, obviously helps when it comes to lasting longer during sex.  You may say “hey, I can be patient as hell, but I feel like ejaculating as soon as I enter”… even if this is the case, you may be racing to the orgasm line in your mind before you even entered… without knowing.

In order to last longer during sex, you need to retrain your mind.  These exercises and techniques work for “reprogramming” your mind and overcoming premature ejaculation by lasting longer BEFORE you orgasm.

Orgasm Doesn’t Have To Be the End of Your Erection – Dry Orgasms

Another method is to learn how to stay hard AFTER you climax.  If orgasm was no longer the end of your performance, then why stay away from it?  An orgasm is a wonderful thing!   Head TOWARDS it… and have many!

When I speak about this, I’m not talking about staying hard after ejaculation.  Staying hard after ejaculating is possible to learn (if you don’t have the “power” naturally — which most men don’t), but it is very hard to do, and you will experience a massive loss of semen (which some consider your manly strength, or “life essence”).

When you perform this technique, you refrain from ejaculating during orgasm.  You will experience a “dry orgasm”, and keep your orgasm, and you can continue on doing this technique over and over… having multiple orgasms without losing your erection.

For more information on the male multiple orgasm techniques, click here: overcoming premature ejaculation by staying hard after orgasm

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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