Overcoming Sexual Mental Blocks – The Time It Happened With Liz

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Overcoming Sexual Mental BlocksI remember it like it was yesterday.

I had a hot Puerto-Rican bobbing on my lap in a jacuzzi.

My friend Carlos was being entertained by his own chick on the other side of the hot tub.

At the end of a good double date, we all decided to get down to our underwear and jump in.

So I had sexy-ass Liz on my lap, beautiful breasts bobbing up and down in the water, gorgeous face looking in my eyes and making out with me… I had been trying to fuck her for a good while now … and tonight she had given me the green light.

So without thinking about it, I started poking around her vagina area with my penis, and being that we were in chlorinated water, her vagina was not exactly the most lubricated and inviting.

So I fumbled around the pussy like a rookie, and my rock hard erection had started to soften up…

I began to panic, as many rookie love-makers do, and began doing everything I could do to keep my erection up… I kept on trying to keep the “passion” going… (passion in this situation was more like anxious groping).

And this very anxiety formed a sexual mental block and killed my erection.

After a while my penis completely shriveled up, and it made no sense to me…

Could it be that having my friend in the same hot tub subconsciously ruined my arousal?

So I explained to Liz, let’s go to my car, I wanted to be with her alone…  She came with me to my back seat and we began feeling on each other…

A fun, exciting, pleasurable experience turned into an embarrassing, emasculating nightmare… my penis was not becoming erect, and maintained it’s little flaccid penis size… which was another source of embarrassment, another cause of my anxiety…

She very maturely told me “maybe you just smoked too many cigarettes today?  that happens”…  (a BITCH would have told me something like “WHAT THE FUCK’S WRONG WITH YOUR PENIS? ARE YOU GAY?”… I’ve heard of that happening before).

So at least she was understanding, which took some pressure off… then I asked her to give me some head… I was determined to get an erection.

So she puts her mouth on my little vienna sausage flaccid penis (that was a LONG time ago), and I embarrasingly felt my little worm in her warm mouth… and continued to have “erectile dysfunction”…

Crushed and defeated, thanks to my inability to achieve an erection, I dropped everybody off, and went home…   freaking out.

I hadn’t had a problem with my previous girlfriend… why was I having a hard time getting an erection with this new girl?

I began to worry that I might have been the youngest man ever to have erectile dysfunction.

Luckily Liz gave me another shot…

I had the house to myself, and I went to pick up Liz.

On the way I stopped by the gas station and bought a Red Bull and one of those “Stiff 69” pills or whatever the fuck they’re called at the gas station.

The attendant told me “what’s wrong man?  You’re too young to be needing those things…”

Further embarrassment.

So I picked Liz up and brought her to my house… all of the fun arousal of the situation had been replaced with a test of my manhood:

“Could I get an erection this time?”

Fast forward…

Naked Liz on my bed… smelling heavenly… beautiful nipples exposed and in a thong…

and I got a semi erection… Okay I was on my way!

Now I could have fun…

I pull out the condom, which I already had ready on my side, and look at my erection… not all the way hard.

So I go down on her… began eating the pussy with my rookie oral sex tactics, and start fondling my penis, trying to get an erection.

An embarrassing and uncomfortable position, but she couldn’t see what I was doing.

Then the nightmare got even worse… my penis began to actually shrivel…

I wasn’t gonna give up… I started sucking her titties and fingering her… she grabbed my tiny flaccid penis and began pulling it.

It was almost like my penis was doing the opposite of what happens during an erection… you know how your erection comes about?  Blood entering shaft, closing off, etc.?

Well this was the opposite… a miserable mentally caused erectile dysfunction.

Want to hear how bad it got?

We moved into another room (what a patient girl!), and when she couldn’t see, I went into a room with a computer and got an erection from some porn.

So I quickly went to her, and began playing with her… I pulled out the condom, and quickly tried to put it on my erection before I lost it (another rookie way of thinking), but this very rush made me lose my erection again!!

Mentally and emotionally crushed, I somehow “slimed” (made up word) my way out of the situation and dropped Liz off… never to call her again… too embarrassed and my ego couldn’t take any more damage.

(Funny thing:  after this traumatizing event… I ran back to my ex-girlfriend whom I dated for three years, tail between my legs… literally… and my erection worked like magic!… something else about sexual performance anxiety= an established level of comfort reduces anxiety which further improves erection strength).

Since then I’ve better diagnosed my problem with sexual performance anxiety… and have found out how to completely overcome this sexual mental block.

I now get hard whenever, wherever, with whoever, how ever… why ever.

Erection strengthening exercises also help quite a bit with improved erection quality, but in these situations, the difficulty with getting an erection is fully mental.

To learn more about the mental techniques to overcome sexual mental blocks, check this out…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
“the ultimate sex guide for men… male potency without drugs“

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