Penis Enlargement – Just Temporary Gains & Wishful Thinking?

how to increase the length of my penis1 5 Penis Enlargement - Just Temporary Gains & Wishful Thinking?Shoot… all men would happily take a bigger penis if they could be granted that wish.

You hear about surgery… but you may not have that kind of money… and you may need to fly out to Germany to get a real expert to perform the surgery.

You hear about penis enlargement pills… but you know it’s all bullshit. At least I hope you do.

However, penis enlargement exercises are something else… they’re intriguing… promising… and they seem to have at least some theory behind them… and many people do them.

Many men have claimed to make gains, with starting points and current enlarged measurements. Often times with before and after photos showing the results they’ve achieved.


Are men really making gains with penis enlargement? It’s hard to believe, I know… Even when you’ve made gains yourself.

Even as you do penis enlargement, even as you believe your penis MAY be getting bigger… your mind tells you you haven’t. At least at first.

Once you see your flaccid penis heavier, and hanging, belief grows that AT LEAST you might be TEMPORARILY making your penis bigger with penis enlargement.

And you look at the ruler next to your penis, and see that your penis has passed the 7 inch mark when you started out just under 6 inches (my personal story), and it’s STILL very hard to fully believe that you are enlarging your member…

However, once you make a gain like above, where you go from one major marker on the ruler to another, it becomes harder to deny. You go from a complete doubter, to slight “faith-haver” — at least if skepticism is as ingrained in you as it is in me.

And if you have the experience of being with the same girl before and after doing penis enlargement, then you’ll most likely begin to get comments on how you feel or look larger down there.

These experiences start putting it in your mind that, “shoot, I might just have made my penis bigger”.


So are penis enlargement gains temporary or will you permanently keep your larger penis? 

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My flaccid penis is about 5 or 6 times larger than the size it was before I started penis enlargement… without a doubt, there is NO way my flaccid penis is going to shrink back to the size it was before.

Thing is, I actually enjoy penis enlargement.. It’s my meditation time, and love the steroid flaccid hang and pump it gives me for a number of days afterwards, so I’ve never quit long enough to really test out how permanent the results are.

But even when I’ve quit for a couple weeks at a time, say for instance I came down with a real bad cold, or was very stressed with a work situation, my penis was still WAY longer and heavier when soft than that little nub I used to have.

And when erect, I’ve gained 1.5 inches or so, so I sincerely doubt it’s going to just go back to my starting point … the way the tissue has been enlarged, I know enough about physics, it’s just not going to happen…

I MAY lose a bit of that extra length that fluctuates after a few good sessions, but my penis structure has been permanently changed, and for the better.

So while your “max” may fluctuate, a large part of your penis will have gained a permanent, “cemented” enlargement.


Make sure you measure before starting, and make sure to keep your measurement style and tool consistent

When it comes to penis measuring, you want to remain consistent.

If you are going to measure the penis, in my opinion, it’s best to push the ruler into the pelvic bone, because that never moves.

Your gut, and pelvis itself? Yeah, that may expand a bit. If you’re under 25, you may not worry about this too much yet, but if you’re older than 30, you most likely know what I mean.

So you want to measure consistently, and pushing into the pelvic bone (bone pressed erect length) will give you a good idea about the total length of your penis. Not to mention, you have some “inner penis” that can become “outer penis”, so this part of the penis should count when measuring.

(interesting note, when penetrating all the way in, your girl experiences extra inner length as well… her outer walls along the outside of the front of the vagina can push the pelvis back a bit, allowing this bit of extra length to help you penetrate a bit deeper).

Okay, so back to the subject…. went off on a tangent there.

The way that you measure originally, whether it be bone pressed, or looser, is exactly how you need to measure after doing penis enlargement for some time and wanting to verify your gains.

And go with a ruler over measuring tape. My opinion at least.


Do penis enlargement gains ever slow down at some point?

Penis enlargement exercises do not allow you to infinitely increase your penis size.

Most men experience a slowing down after enjoying more rapid gains, others gain a bit slower, but steadier, and some freaks of nature just keep on gaining.

In my case, once I hit that 7.5 inch mark, it has been very tough to make any major gains past it. I have some days where I measure a good bit over, but I’m yet to break this point on a more permanent basis.

Could be I’ve used all of the “inner penis” that I had available, or it’s just the maximum potential my penis had built into it.

But there’s always the chance that I continue gaining… and I like the massive flaccid pump after a session, so I keep at it… and as mentioned, it’s my time to escape from everything. There’s a built-in satisfaction to it.

I believe just like in weightlifting, genetics can play a role here. Some men can lift weights their entire lives, and get surpassed by a 17 year old football player who’s just built to get huge – both in strength and in mass.

In the sake of your penis, could be the amount of “inner penis” you have available…. the plasticity of your tissue… and number of different variables.

The good news is, you work on your penis, you will have a bigger penis. And yes, the results will last you.

I’ve written down everything I’ve learned about penis enlargement exercises over the years, here…

Have a good one,

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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