Surgery To Increase Penis Size Most Popular In Germany

penis enlargement surgery popular in germany e1426876798429 300x256 Surgery To Increase Penis Size Most Popular In GermanyGermans.

Lethal soccer players. Cutting-edge engineering. Ferocious beer drinkers… Small penises?

According to data released by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery last year, there were 2,786 penis enlargement surgeries carried out in Germany. With the runner up being Venezuela only having 473, this is a massive step above all other countries. 1 in 5 penis enlargement surgeries worldwide were carried out in Germany.

The German Center for Urology and Phalloplasty claims to have performed over 6,000 penis enlargement surgeries, adding somewhere between an inch and two inches in length, and costing €9,600 (approx. $10,000 USD).

So does this mean that Germans have smaller penises than the rest of the countries? Most likely not.  As mentioned, Germans are extremely advanced in engineering, design, manufacturing, research & development, and surgery, so they may have advanced further in regards to this particular surgery.  And ask any man if he would like an extra inch or two… even if he is larger than average, most men will say yes, regardless of national.

So if you have money, and surgeons with great reputation, why not?

Penis enlargement surgeries have been known to carry with them great risks, such as a reduction in erection quality, but perhaps they’ve advanced beyond that.  So if you have a small penis, and $10k to spare, take a trip to Germany, and do as the Germans do (and the Venezuelans to a much lesser extent)! Make your penis bigger quickly and easily!

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises – Another Solution To Making Your Penis Bigger

I’ve managed to add an inch and a half in length, and some extra girth, thanks to manual natural penis enlargement exercises… and it hasn’t cost me anything.  Not to mention it has actually increased my erection strength. Natural penis enlargement exercises have been shown to improve the overall condition of your penis, giving you harder, longer lasting erections.

After ejaculating, my penis stays hard for a few minutes, even without stimulation (all thanks to the improved circulation these exercises create). It’s annoying sometimes, especially when I want to urinate after sex, but it is a useful tool if I’ve ejaculated and my girl hasn’t finished yet.

If I had an abnormally small penis, and had the money to spare, after reading the above release by the ISAPS, I may have considered the surgery.  My fear was always the reduction in erection quality, but who knows, the Germans may have found a way around it.  This makes it attractive, I must admit.

But being pretty average, with a healthy girth, I took to the exercises better. And I’ve been pleased with the results.  Also, I know of men who were under average, who managed to make it to average or beyond with the exercises, so it’s all up you.

Pros of Penis Enlargement Surgery

+quick solution

+pretty substantial gains

Cons of Penis Enlargement Surgery


-risk of harming erection quality

Pros of Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

+can be done on your own time, comfort of home

+stronger erections

Cons of Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises

-takes time and privacy

-requires some effort

With this new data, if you’re looking to make your penis bigger the quick way, or if you’re much smaller than average, then you know where to go for the surgery.

If you’re close to average (or even if you’re larger), and not afraid to put in a little work, you may want to consider natural penis enlargement exercises .

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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