Penile Enlargement Surgery…Pros and Cons

If only the world knew about natural penis enlargement exercises, there would be much more men walking around with larger penises, and there would be less people wasting their money on penile enlargement surgeries, and scam products.

The thing is, the world is ignorant to natural penis enlargement; little do they know that there are whole groups of people dedicated to scientifically studying penis enlargement, and ways to make it as safe and effective as possible.  I belong to one of these natural penis enlargement “research” groups.

Even though men all over the world are making their penis bigger with natural penis enlargement, the majority of people believe that penile enlargement surgery is the only way to make your penis bigger.

The pro’s to penile enlargement surgery are: 1) it requires very little work on your part (scheduling an appointment with a doctor; going in for surgery, some aftercare), 2) very good if you have a micropenis (genetically underdeveloped penis; less than three inches erect), 3) you walk out the same day of the surgery with a larger penis.

The con’s on the other hand are: 1) the penile enlargement surgery is EXPENSIVE, 2) it is not performed very often, so most surgeons are not experienced (and if you find one that is experienced, he is going to be very expensive), 3) In most cases, there is a permanent loss of sensation and erection quality, 4) and on top of it all, you do not gain much size!  I understand it is about half an inch in erect length you gain in most cases, sometimes an inch more; flaccid penis length does however increase by a good amount.

On the other hand there are natural penis enlargement exercises.

Pro’s:  1) Cost far less than any surgery 2) They continue working as long as you do them 3) Most people gain an inch or two in length, sometimes even three or more (I’ve gained just under 1.5 inches and still gaining), girth and flaccid penis size have also increased, 4) They improve the blood flow and condition of your penis, so you experience STRONGER erections, not weaker).

Cons: 1) They take a little bit of your time; they should be done at least 20 minutes a day for at least three-four days a week, 2) ummmm…..can’t think of anymore cons.

Without a doubt, natural penis enlargement exercises are the ONLY way to go.  Penile enlargement surgery is expensive and not very effective, penis pumps only work for girth, not length (plus a good penis pump is expensive, and you can gain that same girth, or more, with the exercises)…

And the pills, creams, and herbs are all total bullshit…they have an infinite number of complaints and lawsuits against them, but they make so much money that they more than cover that (after a while the FDA or the BBB shuts them down anyway).  There is no way to make your penis bigger with ANY pill on the market

For some before and after photos of results people have achieved with the natural penis enlargement exercises in my guide, e-mail me at, with “photo proof” in the subject line.

For more information on how to make your penis bigger, check out my guide here: How to Make your Penis Bigger

Have a good one!

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