Problems Getting An Erection After Divorce?

erectile dysfunction relationship issues Problems Getting An Erection After Divorce?Erectile problems are common for all men — old AND young.

And 99% of these problems with getting an erection are just due to a mental block. Problem is, as a man ages, his testosterone levels may decrease (this has been shown to not be necessary for all men; some men — generally men in very good physical condition — barely face any decrease), and his circulation may become weaker… so couple this with some sort of anxiety, and erection problem can seem even more daunting.

I received this e-mail today from a man facing erectile dysfunction after divorce:

I am 43 and have never had problems with erections, staying hard, getting hard, lasting, etc… However i started going through a divorce a little over a year ago so there has not been much sex until recently when I started dating. I have just noticed things are a little off as far as getting erections, staying hard or losing it say when I am going down on a woman. I have a ton of stress in my life right now, I started smoking again although I am in good physical condition and workout and i think there is a bit of performance anxiety with being with new woman after being with the same one for 20 years. Even masturbating I don’t always get fully erect. Couple other things I notice at various times so something is off and just thinking the info I am looking for might help as far the physical part goes.

Maybe there is some don’t use it you lose it also. Who knows. Just don’t want to be in the position of not being able to perform as I used to with a woman that I am involved with and its gotten in my head a little.

-John M.


While Erectile Dysfunction after Divorce is Common, 99% Of The Time It Has a Mental Cause… and a Mental Solution

Hey John, how goes:

The fact that you say you’ve never had problems getting an erection shows me that your problem is mental.  If towards the end of your relationship you began experiencing problems with your erection, then I would have possibly thought otherwise.  But erectile dysfunction doesn’t just strike out of nowhere… it’s generally a gradual decline.

You can also experience anxiety during masturbation.  If you feel fear that there may be something wrong with your erection, and you “test it out” on your own, most likely it won’t work.  You need to be at ease and mentally aroused to get hard… nothing arousing about fearfully “testing” your erection to see if it works.

If you ever wake up with morning wood, then your erection works just fine.  Even if it’s not every day.

You say you work out, but do you do any cardio?  If not, get some cardio in, even if it’s just running around the block a couple of times.  This improves the blood flow throughout the body, and to the genitals.  Also, try and slow down on the smoking.  It’s not helping.  Try your best to get 7 or 8 hours a night of sleep.

With all this being said, your problem is mainly mental, not physical. While certain exercises can be done for harder erections, if you don’t conquer the problem in your mind, you’ll never get over it.  You can rely on Viagra, but I wouldn’t recommend that (for your wallet and self esteem’s sake).

Just take it slow, get as MENTALLY aroused as possible, and don’t even think about your erection.  Put her hand on your genitals to help “kick-start” the process, as some women are afraid to grab your penis unless you tell them to.  Don’t think about your erection, think about your arousal.

For more advanced techniques for overcoming a mental block before sex, check this out…

Now go out and have fun!  You’re free again!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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