Guaranteed Erection Every Time – Powerful Mental Technique

guaranteed erection 235x300 Guaranteed Erection Every Time - Powerful Mental TechniqueShe was so hot…

Her name was Liz… I was 18 at the time, she was 17.

For weeks, I pursued her. She allowed me to come over and talk to her, but she showed me no signs of interest, and if anything, seemed to kind of look down on me, or dislike me… . so weird how things played out in my favor…

Liz had large, beautiful breasts, a SLIM waist, and a nice chunky ass….  Her face was sexy… nothing out of this world, but sexy… her body was what made her so fine, though.

One day I went for it, and asked her out for drinks. A friend of mine, Charlie, had a girl he wanted to take out as well. Neither of us had done anything with any of the girls up until then.

The date started off slow and awkward… for both of us, and “our” girls. However, the drinks started flowing, and everyone loosened up… after some playful, drunken banter, we decided to go get some Philly cheese-steaks. Somehow, at the restaurant, Liz and I started making out (don’t ask me how it started – can’t remember). And Charlie and his girl soon started following suit.

What a feeling.

Then Charlie came up with the genuinely amazing idea of going to the jacuzzi at his parent’s apartment complex.  None of us had bathing suits… not a big deal.

When we got there… these girls both turn out to be some freaks, and strip down to bra and panties… Charlie and I get down to our boxer drawers, and we all go in.

I had Liz’s delicious tits in my face, bobbing up and down on my erection poking through my boxers. A guaranteed erection for almost any man… Charlie and his girl were doing the same on the other side of the hot tub.

I was fully hard at first while I was prodding her vagina over her panties.  However, after some making out and playing around, I slid them to the side, and attempted to stick my penis in… hot, chlorinated water, as it turns out, is not the best lubricant.

I couldn’t even begin to get the head in. It was like a rough barrier…  And after some anxious struggle, I began to lose my erection.

I had never had any problems getting an erection, it was pretty much always automatic up until this point, so I didn’t worry too much at first. However, for some reason I just couldn’t get it up again with her…

It was embarrassing. I felt like I wasn’t functioning like a man should, and thought I possibly had the youngest case of ED in the world.

I anxiously tried to get an erection again with her on another occasion, when I had the house to myself, but once again, I failed to achieve an erection.

With these two events, I had become obsessed and excessively worried… I woke up, went to sleep, and all the time in between, worried that I had an issue with my erection.

A couple of days later we had another opportunity. She invited me over, and her mom was going out grocery shopping.  We made out for a while on the couch, and I got fully hard.  She then said to go to her room (which she “humorously” called the “business room” — which not only concerned me about her history, but added intense pressure)… and somehow, even with such pressure to “seal the deal”, I somehow managed to get a weak erection, and slide the condom over…

But it was the worst sex ever… for some reason, my weak erection felt “overpowered” by her vagina, and my semi- somehow came within a couple of strokes.

What a joke, I felt like… I needed a rock hard erection, and I needed it guaranteed like it had been up until then.

A female friend of hers came over a little while later, and asked if we had finally done it… apparently others had heard about my problems getting it up.  She was like “Was it good?” … and Liz responded “for him…”

Can you erase parts of your life?

I was embarrassed as hell.  I hung around like a vagina for a little while because I didn’t want to show how ruined I felt, and then left with my tail between my legs (literally).

Funny thing is I ran back to an ex-girlfriend of mine whom I never had problems getting an erection, and my guaranteed erection was back — just like magic.

The good news to all of this was… MY ERECTION STILL WORKED!  But why did I have problems getting it up with Liz? Was this going to happen with every new girl I had sex with?  Did my ex-girlfriends mother put some Cuban santeria curse on my dick so that I could only have sex with her daughter?

No. And In Time, I Learned How To Beat The Problem In My Mind, So That I Could Have A Guaranteed Erection Every Time

It was all in my mind… it was a sort of psychological impotence… a mental erectile dysfunction.  In time I picked up knowledge and experience, and clearly analyzed my problem, and learned how to overcome psychological erectile dysfunction every time.

Your erection knows what to do, it doesn’t need you to mentally will — or tell it. It just needs the proper signal.

As long as you’re relatively young and in decent shape, there’s no physical barrier to you getting an erection. It’s always in the mind.

Do you wake up with morning wood? Even if only once in a while, if you ever wake up with a rock hard erection in the middle of the night, or in the morning, you know your erection works perfectly.

Just have to get the block out of the mind, and built up mental arousal as high as possible.

If you have problems getting it up, this will give you a guaranteed erection on command…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
the ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”

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