Question from a 58 Year-Old Regarding Impotence, Low Libido and Natural Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

I received an email about a week ago from a 58-year old man named Graham, who’s experiencing erectile dysfunction and low libido. Nice man, but seems to be having a pretty tough time with his sex life.

He has been impotent for the last 20 years.  I am trying to help him overcome his sexual difficulties, and explaining how my erectile dysfunction treatment has helped countless men recover from the situation he’s in…below you’ll find the conversation we had.



I found your site by searching for impotence clubs.
I’m 58, and have been pretty much impotent for the last 20 years.
I can’t figure out the cause, because a lot of things happened to me around the same time.
Age, bad relationship w/alcoholic, herniated L4-S1 disc, circumcision, depression, and depression meds
Doctors tell me my heart, B/P,testosterone are OK, plus no diabetes.
I quit smoking ten years ago.
I don’t drink.
I live a sedentary lifestyle.
I have a new girlfriend for 6 years. I have ejaculated 2 times in 6 years.
I never have sexual thoughts anymore. I never have sexual feelings anymore.
I have no libido. No desire. No attraction. I never feel the need to have sex anymore.
I can’t masturbate anymore. (I always could) Nothing happens. It stays down.
It responds to my g/f’s touch, but never feels near enough pleasure.
It comes up only partway, usually.
I feel like the ejaculation program has been removed from my head
It can get hard, but seldom, and only for a second, then down it goes.
I wake up with a rock hard erection in the morning, but it goes right down.
I’m wondering about the blood flow tests to and from the penis.
I’m wondering about psychological sexual treatment possibilities.
I started looking into penile implants yesterday. I’m in the Boston area.
Any suggestions?

-Graham G.


My Response:

Hello Graham:

If you are waking up with a morning erection, and it’s rock hard, there’s a good chance that you have a psychological block to getting an erection, and not a physical issue.  However, physical solutions can help your mind and body…

I highly recommend to begin weight training…start doing squats till you build up some leg muscle…this will pump more testosterone into your body…some bench press, too. Start slow, build up to moderate to heavy weight.  58 is definitely not too old to start.  Throw in a little cardio/jogging in there.  Get your body active and moving again; blood pumping, test pumping.

Watch some pornography.  Don’t worry if you can’t get an erection…..  Don’t even pay attention to it.  Just exercises that horny side of your brain again…watch fetish stuff that really turns you on.  No guilt here..these are natural feelings, don’t fight them; let them flow.

I would say the depression meds and the sedentary lifestyle can be contributing to your erection issues as well. The above exercise advice can help improve both these areas.

There are also internal “super kegels” you can do, and manual techniques to improve circulation throughout your penis. These exercises for harder erections work well…

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement



Hi David,

I appreciate the fact that you read about my whole situation, and then gave me frank, honest advice. I’m impressed.

You said start weight training–I always thought I wouldn’t be doing any weight training after I blew out the disc in my back. Did you mean squats with weights? (I thought you meant squat- thrusts like they used to make us do  in boot camp, with no weights).

I suppose I could do bench presses OK (no spinal compression)

When you say jogging—–I can’t run since I hurt my back. (One leg no good) Doctors have advised me to walk, and walk strenuously, so I’m sweating and out of breath…. I haven’t done it yet, though.

I’ve been wondering something. Since I quit smoking, I put on weight where I never had it before, and weigh more than ever before, too. I have a ‘beer belly’ even though I don’t drink. I have ‘love handles’, and a fat pad on my abdomen below my belly.

I wonder if you could tell me what exercises to do that would get rid of all this new fat? That’s a question I’ve been wishing I could ask somebody about who knows about exercise and body building, ot whatever you call it. How do I get rid of the belly, the love handles, and the fat pad. Could you tell me that?

I suppose I’ll try to do squats of some sort without weights. They sure made me miserable in boot camp. I know they’re good exercise.
I suppose I’ll have to try walking fast instead of running.

You’re right about the thigh muscles–they’ve never been kitten-weak like they are nowadays.

I’ve complained to doctors about impotence, and one told me I couldn’t have a sedentary lifestyle like I do. I haven’t worked in 15 years.

I’ll me amazed if there’s really something to what you say. I’ve almost forgotten how good being turned on and charged up, and having orgasms was like. I haven’t been anywhere around those parts for a very, very long time. I wish I could go back there.

Thanks again, David———-A live person on the other end!!!


My Response:

No problem, Glenn…you are an educated consumer..nothing wrong with that.

You should talk to the doctor about squats…don’t assume that you can never do it again, unless he told you so…starting out with real light weight, and then increasing it slowly will actually begin to strengthen your lower back along with your legs…maybe it will get strong enough to support your back, regardless of the disk…might even get stronger…talk to your doctor though.

Leg press is another option, with no spinal compression. Just work out those leg muscles.

Definitely start your walking fast…if you are doing zero exercise, your blood flow is definitely not normal, and as you age it must get worse…..start the exercise, fast walking is good.

Its not good that you have to smoke cigarettes to stay skinny…to lose some of that fat, begin eating more meals a day, but with smaller portions…this keeps your metabolism going without stopping….but you must do exercise as well….try and get exercise 3 times a week at least, more if possible, combining weight training and cardio in each session…doesn’t have to be so long, about an hour sounds about good.

Having too much fat in those areas you mentioned actually promotes production of estrogen, the opposite of what you want to be producing.

Maybe you can sign up for a gym and learn some things from a trainer, especially as to the eating/nutrition side to your workout.  What and how you eat is 50% of your muscle/health gains.

You haven’t worked in 15 years..maybe you are also slightly depressed or just bored with life?  If you have no passion for anything, your libido can take a dip or disappear altogether…find something that you can be passionate about, or at least very interested in.

And remember, my guide can be the perfect companion with what you are trying to do.

Good luck!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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