Take a Vacation to Naturally Increase Your Libido

take a vacation and increase libido Take a Vacation to Naturally Increase Your LibidoEvery time I go on vacation I turn into a hornball…

I always end up either hooking up, or masturbating every day… without failure…. whatever it takes to “get it out”.

And the horniness continues growing as my days of lack of responsibility add up.

On the other hand…. when working hard for days, and my stress starts adding up, my libido takes a sharp dive and sex is the last thing on my mind.

This is because as science has shown repeatedly, having sustained, high levels of stress will increase cortisol production (the fight-or-flight hormone), leaving you feeling frazzled… burnt out… extra hungry… and tired..

And an increase in cortisol levels leads to a decrease in testosterone… testosterone is essential for the male sex drive.

The screwed up thing about higher cortisol levels is, while you will feel burnt out and tired, you will actually not sleep as well… and lack of sleep is another thing that can cause a decrease in testosterone…

A double whammy to your sex drive.

Now… if you can go for a while without worrying about anything or stressing about anything…  then your cortisol levels will go back down, testosterone production will increase again, and you will increase libido naturally!!

And vacation is the best for this… sometimes during a vacation you may feel that “boring – I’m not doing anything productive- feeling”… but this “nothing to do” is also a total lack of stress, allowing you to get back into your “manly equilibrium”… and increasing male libido again.

Vacation is not the only way to do this… go out one day to the beach with your girl, or friends, or family… and just chill… relax and do nothing.  Not only will the sun ALSO boost your testosterone production, but your mind will be off that “having to do stuff” mentality that leads to higher cortisol levels.

Give your mind and body a break every now and then … and you have a free and easy way to increase male libido…

This might seem like pretty common sense, but if you put some “effort into relaxing”… your sex drive will thank you.

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My Last Vacation Made Me Into One Horny Bastard

About a year ago, I went to visit some family up in Boston for about a week.

At first it felt strange not having some kind of work to do, but upon becoming accustomed to the easy going ways of a vacation, my damn libido skyrocketed!

A couple of days into the vacation I was walking around Boston “eye-fucking” every semi-attractive girl I saw…

I felt like I did back in high school, when I had zero stress (real stress, at least), and no responsibilities… so I had plenty of libido and energy to be a hornball.

Upon returning to Miami, my girlfriend picked me up at the airport.

I went straight to my apartment and “did her in”, and I can honestly say I hadn’t been that horny in a LONG time… and I was jerking off every damn day of my vacation!  (something I don’t normally do, ejaculate everyday… but I FELT THE NEED TO EJACULATE).

So moral of the story… want to boost your testosterone levels leading to an increase in libido, sex drive, potency?  Then take a vacation from your stress…  science has it right.

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Have a good one!!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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