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What do women like in a man

Women… can’t live with ’em, can’t live with ’em…

If you want women to like you, you need to 1) know yourself well, 2) know the world well, and 3) know women well.

As to knowing yourself, you need to have spent some time on your own.  Some people CONSTANTLY need to be around other people, in order to “forget themselves”… they’re scared to be alone, because then they really see who they are.  Learn who you are.  The more you know yourself, the more you know others. Meditate (not masturbate, although you should do that from time to time as well).  Spend some time on your own.  It’s not so scary to be on your own.

The good part about this is, when you learn to be on your own, and happy on your own (most the time at least — it’s impossible to be happy all the time), then you’re more solid… you don’t need others as much, and this includes women.  And this is attractive to women.  Neediness is not.

As to knowing the world, go out there and experience it, head on.  Do things that normally scare you (sports?, work?, going to clubs?).  You can’t be hurt in this battle. Jump in.  And any perceived “injury” will be a lesson learned, and the hurt completely forgotten in a short amount of time.

It’s all about a balance of alone time, and being out in the world.   Too much time on your own, and your social skills diminish and you can become neurotic… too much time in the world, and you can forget who you are.  Balance.

As to knowing the world, treat every day like an experiment.  Nothing to lose here. Just gather knowledge on how the world works, and more importantly, people work. Being knowledgeable on the ways of the world makes you more attractive to women, and easier to relate to.  It humbles you, but makes you stronger at the same time.

You need to know women as well… ever since I was small, I had an advantage… an older sister (studies have shown men with older sisters are better with women — doesn’t mean you can’t be good with women if you have no sisters!).  I witnessed the ways of women from a young age.  I’ve also always been a bit of a natural, and have been obsessed with women from a young age (first kiss when I was 10, lost my virginity when I was 12)…

What I’ve learned… and I’m just going to shoot these nuggets of knowledge off… women like a man who:

  • knows himself and the world (said already)
  • can make them laugh,
  • has some intelligence, education
  • is light and easy, not heavy and too serious
  • has GENUINE confidence (comes with knowing yourself), not fake, trying to be alpha male bullshit that they see right through
  • is a man on his own, and doesn’t need her approval (we all need it to some degree, but not to the extreme)
  • is positive (most the time)
  • is somewhat a challenge (but not overly a pain in the ass)
  • teases them from time to time, but also acts normal and sweet when necessary (not a constant clown)
  • isn’t afraid to disagree with them
  • is good in bed
  • is somewhat mysterious (doesn’t open up COMPLETELY… leaves something to themselves)
  • makes plans on his own, and doesn’t always ask her what she wants
  • has a life of his own
  • is clean, takes care of himself, has some style
  • when in a relationship, doesn’t get overly needy and treats her like mommy, keeps some of himself — doesn’t give it all up
  • stands up for her when necessary… and to her when necessary

As to physical, there are some things you can do about, and some you can’t.  Looks aren’t everything, personality plays a big role… but let’s be realistic, physical definitely plays a huge part.

Women say they want a tall, good looking man with hair, a big penis, big hands, nice butt, nice car, and money…

We can’t have all these things.  In reality, they’ll settle for a man that has a good combination of these.

Just like we want a fine-ass woman with nice hair, nice skin, big tits, thin waist, fat ass, nice legs, dresses sexy, cooks, cleans and gives blowjobs in the car… but we can’t have all of these… most the time.

So you got to improve what you can. Losing hair?  Shave your head or trim it down. Kind of puny?  Hit the gym.  Looking pale?  Get some sun.  Height? Small hands?  Can’t do shit about that… accept it, because women don’t like men who spend their time obsessing about their hang ups… just be the best you you can be.

Much like the world, the best way to learn women is to treat every interaction with them like a learning experience… where you have nothing to lose.  Just like an experiment… gather knowledge, gather knowledge… it will add up, and you’ll see yourself relating to them, and attracting them, easier, as time goes by.

Know yourself, know your value… begin to see that you’re something she can’t get anywhere else.  You’re a prize, and she should want to be with you… and if she doesn’t, she didn’t get to know you well enough… her loss… NEXT.

As mentioned, women like a man who’s good in bed and with a big penis… you can improve both of these things, as well as learn how to last longer, give her harder orgasms, and more… I can help you get an advantage here… as a matter of fact, this an area where I have quite a bit of expertise… see here!…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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