Real Male Multiple Orgasms – NOTHING To Do With Prostate

When first learning how to do the male multiple orgasm technique, I came across so many explanations on what male multiple orgasms were, including:

  • Having multiple ejaculations without losing your erection
  • Spreading sexual energy throughout your whole body, so you have multiple “whole body orgasms”, before you have an ejaculatory orgasm

Or my personal favorite…

  • A prostate massage, that is supposed to “clear your body of toxins”, and cause multiple male orgasms without a downtime

Having Multiple Ejaculations

Whether or not a man can have multiple ejaculations (different than orgasms), depends largely on the amount of prolactin he releases at the time of ejaculation. Most men release large amounts of prolactin, causing an intense feeling of satisfaction, and an overwhelming refractory period.

This powerful refractory period causes a suppression of libido and an inability to gain an erection.  Some men can train to stay hard after ejaculation, but it’s not an easy task. This is NOT the male multiple orgasm technique.

Having Whole Body Orgasms

As to spreading the sexual energy throughout your body, and having “whole body orgasms”, this is too difficult a phenomenon to measure/substantiate.

It is an interesting idea, and I know our body is capable of some amazing things (like the one time I slipped into a strange mind state during sex, and was able to completely hold back from ejaculating during for as long as I wanted during rough sex – and this was at the PEAK of my premature ejaculation days).

I DO use the “mental dispersing” of sexual energy, to move it away from genitals and throughout my body, mainly as a mental trick to last longer during sex, but upon a couple of attempts, I have never experienced anything close to a whole body orgasm (nor an orgasm anywhere separate from my genitals). So while I’m sure some people have experienced this, I can safely say this is not the male multiple orgasm technique.

Prostate Massage For Multiple Orgasms

This has become the most seen result for male multiple orgasms. This involves a prostate massage, which is supposed to provide multiple orgasms throughout the body.

Maybe I’m just too “manly”, but I’m not a big fan of anal play. Either way, I believe this technique DOES provide orgasms, possibly very pleasurable ones, but is also not the famous male multiple orgasm technique that men are looking for, that allows a man to have multiple orgasms without losing his erection, during regular penis in vagina (PIV) intercourse.

These Are All Interesting Tactics In Their Own Right, But For The Record, THIS Is The Real Male Multiple Orgasm Technique

eliminaterefractoryperiod 300x199 Real Male Multiple Orgasms - NOTHING To Do With ProstateThe male multiple orgasm technique was “created”, or rather discovered, by ancient Taoists, in an attempt to conserve semen. When a man ejaculated, it was considered that he “spilled his life essence”… our semen was our strength; our source of life.

Ejaculating would cause you to squander this sacred life essence, for small moments of pleasure, in exchange for a long, weakening refractory period.

So one of the basic tenets of Taoism is to conserve your semen, meanwhile providing women with as many orgasms as possible… this would “power a man up”.

While modern science has shown that frequent ejaculation is actually very good for you, and important to regular hormonal production, prostate health, and mental well-being, the Taoists did develop (or were the first to spread info on) the technique that allows you to have multiple DRY orgasms without losing your erection, in an attempt to preserve “life essence”, and improve sexual performance.

Benefits Of The Real Male Multiple Orgasm Technique

  • The ability to extend sex for as long as you’d like
  • Eliminates the refractory period – allows you to keep a high libido and strong erection quality
  • The ability to have multiple, pleasurable orgasms without going soft

While dry orgasms are honestly not as pleasurable as fully-ejaculatory orgasms, they are still pleasurable, and don’t initiate the refractory period.  And once you master the male multiple orgasm technique, you can have a number of dry orgasms, and then release for an extra powerful ejaculatory orgasm in the end.

Requirements For Performing The Male Multiple Orgasm

  • A properly, and very well-strengthened, pc muscle
  • A close understanding of your arousal levels
  • A knowing of the EXACT moment of your point of no return, and the length of your orgasmic contractions

There are a few tricks to getting this technique down every time. At first, I luckily pulled off the technique somehow, but had the hardest time repeating it after that fluke experience. If you’ve tried this technique, you may have experienced the same.

I read quite a bit on this technique, and have gathered all the necessary knowledge to pull it off every time now.

Not mastering the technique, and trying it during sex, can be frustrating, as you run the risk of having a retrograde ejaculation.  A retrograde ejaculation will not only cause you to lose your erection and have a refractory period, and stop the natural flow of sex, most likely preventing your lady from having an orgasm, but won’t even allow you to have a fully pleasurable ejacualtion.

(Note: retrograde ejaculations that happen when trying the male multiple orgasm technique are harmless, and do not cause any permanent issues. Your inner “tubing” just gets confused, and you urinate the semen out next time you pee).

This may cause you to give up on the technique altogether, due to the frustration.

In order to MASTER the male multiple orgasm, there are a few guidelines you need to follow, and a couple of “tricks” which will allow you to pull off the technique every time, and during actual penetration. For more info, click here…

You’ll be And you won’t have to play with your prostate either…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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