How to Get A Bigger Bulge – No Tricks, Real Bigger Package

How to increase bulge size

I’ve overhead women’s conversations where they discuss a man’s package, or lack thereof.

Not long ago, my girlfriend had two friends over, and they were watching an award show when one commented that a guy was hot, but it looked like “he had no penis”… and the other girl agreed!

Savages, these women…

So women may take a man’s bulge size into consideration when “sizing him up”.

I recall one study where they showed different body types types to women, with the three differences being height, shoulder width and flaccid penis length.

A kind of simple study… obviously not as in depth as seeing a human in real life… but the women, all other variables held equal, preferred the men with the longer hanging penis. Luckily, to our benefits if missing in any of these areas, life —and attraction — is a bit more “three dimensional” than this.

But yes, from time to time, a man’s bulge size can play a role in how attractive they are. So if looking for how to get a bigger bulge, you’re in luck.

I know how you can increase your flaccid penis size which will lead to a larger package — and not just the appearance, but something to back it up. But a little first on why I know this particular information.

A Small Flaccid Penis and Small Package Lead to Some Embarrassing Events Throughout My Life

During early puberty, I had hoped that my flaccid penis would get larger… unfortunately, while my erect size continued to grow on an average course, when I was soft, my flaccid penis seemed underdeveloped.

I tried to justify it to myself… “what really matters is my erect size, right?”  I mean, if someone asked me if I have a small penis, I could honestly say no… I was average, and I wasn’t lying… right?

Problem is, on more than a few occasions, girls would touch my penis before it was “ready”, or look at the small bulge, and would make incorrect assumptions about it’s overall size.

I remember one very embarrassing episode in middle school when a very advanced girl leaned over and placed her hand in my crotch area, in a flirtatious attempt to see what was there. She pulled back with a face of shock, hand over her face, and kind of just toyed with me after that. Probably went around behind my back telling other girls things about me as well.

And the problems continued to plague me as an adult.  When I was around 24 – 25 I had another girl I dated who commented that I had small hands (before she ever saw my penis), and I told her not to let my hand size fool her… that I was “big where it counts”. Typical tough talk overcompensation…

So exactly what could have happened, happened… we had sex.

Not so much a bad thing… however, in my post-ejaculation, shriveled state, she grabbed my flaccid penis and commented under her breath… “small hands, small penis…”

She stomped my soul into non-existence…

I had heard about natural penis enlargement exercises, but was hesitant to try out of fear for their safety, and also had little faith they actually worked.

Well, luckily life is strange and works out in ways you don’t always expect it to…

Forget Tricks to Get a Bigger Bulge… Make Your Actual Flaccid Penis Larger, and No Need For Illusions…

After being fed up with this feeling of being a lightweight down below, I took the leap of faith and decided to give penis enlargement exercises a try… Within that first week, I had extremely hard wood, but one of the coolest things I experienced was how heavy and large my penis felt one day when I took it out to pee…

Rather than “pinching” my penis with thumb and forefinger to hold it while peeing, I was able to hold it laid out across my palm… I couldn’t believe what I was feeling (and seeing!). And this was just within the first week!

I can remember shortly thereafter, I went to a trade show representing the company I worked with at the time, wearing a dress shirt tucked into some khakis, and I caught a couple of ladies staring at my bulge, with one telling something to the other. There was little doubt what they were looking at…. I walked straight over, and introduced myself, and we had a flirtatious conversation. It felt great.

They weren’t anything to really brag about… but what had happened felt so good considering all of my previous experiences.

It may be a strange thing for me to have a preoccupation with, but over the years, I’ve learned a substantial amount about penis enlargement, but one of the main areas that interests me is how to maximize flaccid weight, length and hang, which gives me an actual, larger bulge. This is besides the larger erection the exercises have given me as well. To learn how to make your own penis bigger, see here…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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