How To Get A Hung Penis & Bigger Bulge

babe 225x300 How To Get A Hung Penis & Bigger BulgeSince performing natural penis enlargement, and increasing my what-used-to-be-tiny flaccid penis to a larger, more hung penis, I’ve noticed that women DO look at your bulge.

The problem is not so much if you have a small penis bulge (unless it’s “poking out”, some basketball shorts and pants with lighter materials do this), because if you have a small penis bulge, they don’t even look at it.

It’s not like women are cockfiends, walking around looking at penises.

They’re not like us guys… we walk around (myself included), looking at butts and tits, wherever possible…

Maybe you aren’t as dirty minded as me, maybe you’re worse, but women aren’t like that.

But if you have a LARGE bulge, and it’s obvious that you have a hung penis, sometimes women can’t help but take a glance.

Women Glance Without Thinking

Most the times, when a woman sneaks a peak at your bulge, it’s just a natural reaction… they can’t help it.

I’ve caught women looking at mine, and sometimes they look away embarrassed… and I see that they didn’t mean to, it was just a knee-jerk reaction.

But shoot… we all have dirty minds… so if they do catch a glance, who knows what they think afterwards…

So What To Do If You Have A Small Penis Bulge – How Can You Make It Bigger?

You have three options if you have a small penis bulge, you can:

1) Ignore it… if it doesn’t stand out, 99.9% of people won’t even notice it, no worries.

2) Stuff your undershorts with socks… that’ll give you a bigger bulge. Just hope that a woman doesn’t “investigate” before you take out the socks! I remember as a kid, a basketball coach telling us he did this… strange, but true!

3) Learn how to get a hung penis with natural penis enlargement exercises, like these

Making Your Flaccid Penis Bigger Manually – How To Get A Hung Penis

Natural penis enlargement exercises lengthen the shaft of the penis, increase the girth, and improve the blood flow.

While many men perform natural penis enlargement for the bigger erection size… that’s what we talk about when we talk about penis size – “I have a 7 incher”, “I have an 8 incher”, etc. – (note: men always embellish and add a little more to their size… I don’t care about their age).

But thanks to the increased tissue in your lengthened shaft, and the improved circulation, natural penis enlargement exercises will give you a bigger flaccid penis and hang.

This is the way you get to a bigger bulge.

Tips For Maintaining The Bigger Flaccid Size When Doing Natural Penis Enlargement

Your testosterone levels and circulation play a role in how “hung” you are.

  • Making sure you are well rested, getting as much sleep as possible helps both the testosterone production and circulation, as well as reducing anxiety (when anxious, your flaccid size may shrink up a bit).
  • Eat well… you need your proper nutrients to keep your circulation and T levels high.
  • Hit the gym… this will give you a boost in endorphin, which improves mood, state of well-being, therefore helping you “hang” more… it also gives you a testosterone injection.
  • Do some cardio… cardio = circulation

Follow these guidelines, perform natural penis enlargement exercises, and you will have a bigger, more hung flaccid penis… and no more small bulge. For more information on how to get a hung flaccid penis, this guide will help…

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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