How to Stop Ejaculating During Male Multiple Orgasm Technique

Losing erection during male multiple orgasm

Ejaculating when going for the male multiple orgasm technique can be a frustrating, and disappointing, experience.

When ejaculation is the goal, whether during normal sex or masturbation, you are building up towards an overwhelmingly pleasurable release… working hard towards the satisfying finish.

However, when going for the male multiple orgasm, in the attempt to not ejaculate, you have a severely dulled ejaculation, being that you aren’t pumping hard through the orgasmic contractions, and you’ve most likely eliminated all arousing thoughts from the mind, taking the joy out of it.

And yes, you failed to maintain your erection after orgasm once again…

The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Multi-Orgasmic Man – Not The Ultimate Guide…

I just finished reading The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Multi-Orgasmic Man – an extensive article on the male multiple orgasm. It is pretty much a rehashing of what you’ll find in The Multi-Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chiawhich is:

  • Substantial amount of info on the Taoist’s beliefs on ejaculation conservation in order to “power up”
  • Exaggerated “preparation” leading up to the technique
  • Dropping the ball when it reaches the most important part… the point of no return

The problem with many guides to performing the male multiple orgasm is what I mention above — mainly, the dropping the ball on what to do when you reach the point of no return, and have to cut off ejaculation.

For instance, in Chia’s book, after a hundred pages or so, he pretty much leaves it up to you to figure out how to use the PC muscle during this time. He doesn’t explicitly describe what to do at this crucial moment.

Ejaculating During Male Multiple Orgasm — Whether Inwardly or Outwardly — Causes You to Lose Your Erection

While it’s great to be able to have a bunch of orgasms during the same sex session, undoubtedly, the greatest benefit of the male multiple orgasm is the ability to keep an erection after orgasm… allowing you a never-ending performance.

This makes the MMO technique the dream solution to premature ejaculation.

While numbing sprays and SSRIs work to last longer during sex, the numbing sprays remove the pleasurable sensations from the act, and SSRI’s bring with them a host of side effects, including a reduced libido, weaker erections, fatigue, and weight gain…

So this natural solution to PE is a godsend. If you can master it.

For the longest time when trying out male multiple orgasms, I’d have a few things occur:

  • I’d partially ejaculate, and even this small amount of release was enough to quickly lose all erection strength.
  • I’d be able to hold off a first ejaculation, but then within seconds, I’d have a powerful, unstoppable second ejaculation occur.
  • I’d believe I cut off all ejaculation (no semen would be expelled), but I would STILL lose my erection… this was the most common problem I faced. The next time I’d urinate, I’d see some ejaculate in my urine (gives you cloudy urine). This is called a retrograde ejaculation.

Failing like this made me want to give up on the technique altogether. Combined with my incorrect belief that each ejaculation was somehow expending my “male life essence” — I pretty much gave up on the technique at one point.

Each failed attempt, and miserable, wasted ejaculation, made me almost afraid to try the technique for a while…

There Isn’t Much Science Behind Taoist Beliefs…  So Do Not Fear Ejaculating When Learning MMO

Ejaculating during mmo technique

While I thank Taoism for widely sharing the Male Multiple Orgasm technique, and there is something to their refraining from ejaculation leading to “manlier powers”, in general, it’s just a creative story.

And as a matter of fact, some of the Taoist ideas were downright messed up…

For instance, Taoists had a point system assigned to the “women” they had sex with… with the lowest points being awarded for having sex with a woman between 21 and 25 (considered old hags to them), and the highest points being assigned to having sex with girls under 14 who had not yet menstruated!!

And while earlier Taoist theory believed of an equal sharing of energy during sex between males and females, later teachings treated women as much lower than men, almost as objects (even referring to them as “stoves” in some texts!), and the man’s goal was to have sex with as many women (women without children) possible, robbing them of their life essence in order to live longer.

They called sex “The Battle of Stealing and Strengthening”… and you would gain the most “life extending” strength from having sex with virgins………

More like pedophilia than science, I share this with you so you practice the male multiple orgasm technique without the guilt associated with a failed ejaculation. Know that there is no real science behind the theory.

While you should conserve if you are going to take part in an event that requires plenty of mental or physical strength or courage, at other times, feel free to “spill your seed” as often as you’d like.

Practice makes perfect, when it comes to the male multiple orgasm technique. Don’t feel bad if you “fail” and ejaculate… as Vince Lombardi, perhaps the winningest coach in NFL history, said, “Failure is not getting knocked down, it’s not getting up again”.

Also, actual SCIENCE shows that men who ejaculate more often look younger, and live longer… so enough with that phony idea that ejaculation permanently weakens you and shortens your life…

The Strength and Timing of the PC Muscle Plays An Essential Role in The MMO Technique

After a while, I decided to give the technique another shot. This time I wasn’t going to try it out until I had read, learned, and internalized as much information on it as possible. Once fully prepared, mentally and physically, I went for it, performed it perfectly on my first, and have never failed since.

If you want to master the male multiple orgasm technique without ejaculating, you need to have a very strong PC muscle.

The PC muscle isn’t something you can strengthen once in your life, and it stays strong forever… as a matter of fact, it’s a very small muscle, and needs regular “maintenance” to stay strong.

The good news is that, just like it’s quick to lose its strength, the PC muscle is quick to gain its strength, and easy to maintain.

Some tips for really strengthening the pc muscle:

1) Try and avoid neighboring muscles from jumping in when doing kegels. Put a hand on your buttocks and one on your abdominals, the two largest / closest neighboring muscles. Try and keep them relaxed, while solely concentrating on strengthening the PC. It’s impossible to completely stop them from flexing a bit, but this way of looking at the PC muscle helps.

2) Completely let go of the pc squeeze when strengthening it, between reps. This complete release, and then “clenching” again, really works it.

3) Go for long clenches after some initial short ones.

Hanging something, like a towel, off of your erection, and lifting it several times helps as well. When properly strengthened, you should see the base of your penis look thicker, for a few minutes, after working out the PC muscle.

This gives you the proper tool to support your multi-orgasmic efforts.

Other important aspects of mastering the male multiple orgasm are the timing of the pc squeeze, and holding the squeeze long enough and hard enough.

These tips should help you on your mission of becoming a multi-orgasmic male. If you need some extra help, my no-nonsense, straight to the point guide to mastering the male multiple orgasm technique will help… see here.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The ultimate sex guide for men… “male potency without drugs”

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