The Effects Of Too Much Ejaculation On Motivation

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I feel drained…physically and emotionally. I had sex complete with ejaculation multiple times last night. I usually try and conserve my sperm, in order to save up my life essence (a Taoist idea), but yesterday I was just a reckless ejaculator…and I am paying for it today.

I had many things planned for work today. I had quite a few calls I had to make, and I haven’t even started on the first one. It is 1:28 p.m. already, and I really don’t feel like doing it…this is unlike me. I am usually highly motivated and like to get the most done in my day. Today I just feel like kicking back and surfing the net. I had trouble even starting up this blog, but now I am just venting.

Orgasm and Motivation Are Not Friends…

I find a strong relation in between conserving your ejaculation, and the amount of motivation you have. If I can conserve ejaculation for two days at least, by day three I am a major go-getter; inexhaustible and productive. Although I do believe an ejaculation here and there is necessary (for prostate health), and highly pleasurable, I think it is best to hold back on ejaculation, for my day’s productivity sake.

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Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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