The Night I Lasted Forever During Sex WHILE SLEEPING

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how to last longer during sexAt a time when I suffered from premature ejaculation the worst, I had a strange occurrence.

When I first moved out from my folks’ house, in my early 20’s, I shacked up with a girl I was “friends with benefits” with…

We had a strange arrangement, where she would go out wherever she wanted, with whoever she wanted, and I would do the same… as long as we were respectful of each other’s boundaries, and not catch feelings for each other.

Things worked out lovely… we went half and half on the bills, right down the middle… and she was a respectful roommate, would cook and clean, as would I… a very “progressive” arrangement.

And to top it off, I’d come home drunk from a night out, and if she was up (and alone), we’d have sex… and vice versa… it was beautiful.

One night she went out to a club, and stayed home and knocked out early. I had work the next day.

She came home that night, and “woke me up” to have sex… 

Thing is… I wasn’t awake…

I don’t recall any of this happening…

All I know is the next day I got up, and she told me that I was amazing the night before… that she rode me, and rode me non-stop, and that I lasted forever during sex without ejaculating.

That I was hard for a good half hour or more, and she had multiple orgasms, back-to-back…

Most interesting thing about this to me, besides the fact that I was an amazing “sleep fucker“, was that during regular sex while awake, I COULD NOT last long during sex to save my life…

I would normally eat her out until she had an orgasm, and then I would penetrate to get my orgasm, a couple of minutes later…

This was when I had premature ejaculation VERY BADLY… so it was a nice surprise for her, and a nice surprise for me, knowing that I was one step away from being able to last long during sex… but what was that step?

The DAY I was able to last forever during sex while AWAKE

how to last forever during sexA couple of years before this experience, I dated a girl who I’d have consecutive rounds of sex with…  short rounds, but with no refractory period at my young age, I’d get right back up, and go at it again….

But if my premature ejaculation was bad with the friend-roomate girl, imagine how it was when I was even younger!

Thing is, I had another surreal, marathon man experience… (could it be there was a sexual superhero in me trying to get out?)

One day when this girl was riding me and I would normally nut within just a minute or so, I slipped into a strange mind/physical state… I can’t explain it. It was like a wave of “ejaculation control powers” slipped over me, and just allowed me to delay ejaculation as long as I wanted to…

This girl was quite surprised as well…

I was never able to replicate this almost “paranormal” state of mind again… until years later, when I trained myself to last long during sex… I’ve gained a similar mind-state during sex… but not exactly THAT mindstate… I’ve never been able to replicate that crazy experience…

What can a person do if they want to last long during sex, without having to take sleeping pills first?

If you want to last forever in bed in your WAKING hours… it’s possible.

Trust me, I used to have very bad premature ejaculation, and now I’m proud to say that I have developed extreme ejaculation control.

A couple of lessons along the way taught me how to get to this level, along with some practice… if you are interested in learning how to last long during sex, without pills like SSRI’s, these mental exercises and techniques will get you in the right mind state to last forever in bed…

Will you slip into the magical state that I described above? Probably not. But will you be able to last a good 20, 30 minutes or more of non-stop penetration, and give your girl a few powerful orgasms in the process?  Yes.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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