The Satisfaction of Being Hung… How to Increase the Size of your Flaccid Penis

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being hungNothing better than having a hanging flaccid penis when you walk around.

With a larger and heavier flaccid penis hanging between your legs, you have this feeling of being sturdy, and solid… extra manly.

You feel more sexually attractive when around women… you feel like you have nothing to hide, and almost want women to notice your crotch area… shallow, I know, but it happens.

I do pull-ups when I’m at my gym, and I’m usually looking up while I do them, but I’ve noticed a number of times, when I look back down, I see a woman or two staring at my bulging crotch.

This fills me with exhilarating-manly-sexual-feelings.

In case you haven’t heard me talk about it, I always had a small flaccid penis growing up.

When I was in high school, my flaccid penis was the size of a elementary school kids penis… like it never grew.

I expected my flaccid penis to grow a little more throughout puberty, but it never did.

As a fully grown adult, I was a “grower”… in contrast to a “show-er”, who could “show” off his penis while soft, mine would have to “grow” before it looked like anything respectable.

When around women, I was constantly pulling on it, trying to make it longer.  I was embarrassed whenever a girl would grab it while flaccid.  I was almost waiting for them to make fun of me, and I would take forever to get an erection because of this anxiety.

Luckily, most of the girls I’ve been with have been understanding (although a couple had told me I had a small penis)… and they waited around till I got hard.

In all honesty, my erection wasn’t too bad.  I was about 6 inches when hard, and I was complimented on my girth a couple of times, but I felt so embarrassed about my penis when it was soft.

For some time now, I’ve been performing these manual penis enlargement exercises… they improve the bloodflow to the penis, and as a result, my flaccid penis size has increased.

And as I continue to perform the penis enlargement exercises, my flaccid penis size keeps on getting longer, thicker and heavier…

For more information on how to increase the size of your flaccid penis with natural penis enlargement exercises, check this out…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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