There Is No Lazy Way To Make Your Penis Larger

The truth is, there is no lazy solution for natural penis enlargement. If you want a bigger penis, it takes some work. But it’s not hard work, and its work that is enjoyable for the most part.

There is no better feeling then after a twenty minute workout, when you are feeling on this long, thick monster of a penis that doesn’t resemble anything you ever had.  When you feel your penis after a good workout, its almost scary, because you feel like the penis is not your penis… swear to God.

It reduces in size quite a bit within half an hour after your exercise, but some of what you gained remains…and in time, the amount that remains gets larger and larger…natural penis enlargement is all about how much you push your limits.

Yes, there are many penis enlargement scams out there, and you have to weed through all of the bullshit, like I have done for many years now.

I have found out that manual exercises work, and upon streamlining and cutting out all of the false/ineffective stuff, I have put together an incredible routine that has brought me from a 6 inch normal-girth erection, with a small flaccid penis, to a 7.5 inch (and gaining) thick, veiny erection, with a MUCH longer, thicker and heavier flaccid penis.

If you ever wondered how to make your penis larger without pills, click here… I have before and after photos of the results men have achieved, as I know it’s hard to believe it works.

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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