There Is Not One Pill On The Market That Can Make Your Penis Bigger

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There is not one pill on the market that works to make a man’s penis bigger… period.

As a matter of fact, have you ever taken a pill that can make ANY part of your body bigger?

Can you take a pill for bigger ears?  Or for bigger fingers?

WTF are these a-holes thinking pushing this crap?  It really disgusts me.

I received an email from some douchebag company called Dr. MaxMan… (doesn’t that sound a little like me, Mr. Manpower?  real fuckin’ original, huh…)

Well, while reviewing this bullshit site (I could tell automatically, if they sell pills, it’s a scam).

Sidenote: As Dr. Ira Sharlip, spokesman for the American Urological Association, said, “There is no such thing as a penis pill that works. These are all things that are sold for profit. There’s no science or substance behind them.”

For more information on how penis enlargement pills are all scams… check this out.

Well anyway, back to Dr. MaxMan…

This douche bag of a company has the audacity to make claims such as this:

A big penis has tons of benefits. When we say big we don’t mean 13 inches. You better be charging by the hour on your night job if it’ that big. But the truth is, if you are at 4 inches, there’s no reason why you can’t be 8 or even a 9. With the right supplements, your penis can and will grow permanantly, and without pain!”

-Dr. MaxMan

This makes me sick…

Besides the fact that this is an outright, very blatant LIE… with extremely exaggerated claims, these people are raising the hopes of thousands and thousands of men who are suffering with insecurity over their penis size, and Dr. MaxMan should not be doing so, unless they really had some sort of solution.

I hate how they try and sound like they are being honest with you by saying “when we say big we don’t mean 13 inches”… as if they are setting you up for the truth.

Companies like Extenze, Dr. MaxMan, and all these penis enlargement scams (that charge your card and don’t give you your money back AFTER providing you with fake bullshit)… these companies are the scum of the earth.

Having a small penis is a tough thing to learn to come to terms with.  I must say, I didn’t have TOO bad of a penis size as a fully grown adult, but my flaccid size was my main embarrassment.

I can understand, having a small penis can be a very tough thing to live with.   I hear it from men day in and day out…

While some men can learn to accept it, and live a perfectly happy life, others tend to worry more about these types of things, and may experience certain painful or embarrassing situations which can make the situation even worse.

These insensitive jerks are promising some amazing things… which will turn out not to be true.

And when you realize that these pills don’t work, by then they will have billed your credit card a number of times, and it will take extensive effort to get them to stop… in the majority of cases, these companies don’t honor any refunds neither.

I have no idea how they can live like this.  In this life, you’ve got to provide value to people in order to receive value in return.  These douche bags provide false hope and a faulty solution, and take value (money) in return… bad karma.

My small flaccid penis size and average erection were not that bad of a problem, but this was enough for me to look into natural penis enlargement exercises, which do work by the way.

I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of penis enlargement exercises.  The surgery also works, and so does PROPERLY performed weight hanging.

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
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Overall Manhood Enhancement
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