These Exercises To Make My Penis Bigger Bring Me Joy

exercises to make my penis biggerThere’s something about knowing that I made my penis bigger on my own with exercises that brings me a deep feeling of satisfaction… all with my own hands

What makes the feeling even greater is how few people out there believe in these exercises… it’s like I have an inside scoop on something very powerful, because I had the balls to take the dive, and go for it… while other guys who don’t believe, or are scared, don’t get to reap these benefits.

I’ve added some serious length and girth to my erection, and I have a much longer flaccid penis, that hangs low and heavy…

And it was all my “doing”.

I built this.

And that’s where the satisfaction kicks in…

Luckily, I didn’t have a terrible starting point before penis enlargement… but with exercises to make my penis bigger, I’ve grown above average.

I entered the penis enlargement arena with a penis that was the definition of average… So for me, it wasn’t so much of a necessity, as it was something I was curious to see if I could actually do…

And it took me a long time before I STRONGLY believed I was actually making my penis bigger with the exercises… at first I made it from around 6 inches in length to about 6 and a half inches in length, and I used to look at the ruler in disbelief… maybe I had measured wrong the first time?… maybe I was pushing in harder into my pelvis, out of wishful thinking?

However, once the ruler, not firmly pressed into my pelvis, showed that my erect dick was longer than the 7 inch mark, I was all in… I fully believed… and I was fully committed.

And happy as hell!

Then the comments on my bigger penis size starting rolling in…

exercises to make your penis biggerI had one girlfriend whom I dated for a couple of years, in my late teens…

She left me for a guy with a bigger penis (fucked up story, but true) and after a long time of pain, anger, and healing… I got over her whore self.

I bumped into her several years later.

She was no longer with Mr. Hung, and was single at the time. I was single time as well, and she invited me over to catch up.

After dinner we sat in her front yard… talking, reminiscing of good times, etc.

In my mind, that’s as far it was going to go, but then she kissed me when I about to leave, and asked me if I wanted to stay… being the shameless bastard I am, I said “fuck it”, and stayed…

She was sitting on her couch in her living room, and I pulled out my now much longer dick (I had been doing natural penis enlargement for about a year already), and she looked at it with a face of surprise.

She grabbed it in her hand, and looked at my long, hung flaccid penis, and asked me “did your dick grow since back then?”

Then she started to suck, and it became harder… and she said “wow… your dick has gotten much fatter, too”

She didn’t stop to wonder how my dick had continued growing after puberty?

Intelligence was never her strong suit…

But her comments still made me feel EXTREMELY proud of this monster I had created.

Penis enlargement brings me joy!

Years later, to this day, I still perform natural penis enlargement exercises… usually just a couple of times a week for a few minutes, more for maintenance, then growth, but I still believe I make gains here and there, without even trying…

The other day before sex, I looked at this long, thick, fleshy tube erected out of my groin, and while I didn’t want to get out a ruler to measure (my girl doesn’t know I do penis enlargement exercises), it looked, and felt much longer than I remember…

That’s what usually tells me if I gained size…. the feel more than the look. The look can trick you, but when you feel your penis in your hand longer, or thicker, than you are used to, that’s when you know you’ve gained some size.

I’ve learned a substantial amount about penis enlargement over the years…

If you don’t want to waste time tugging on your penis for no reason, and want to make your penis bigger quickly, learn exercises to make your own penis bigger from someone who learned it right… see here…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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