Manual Penis Enlargement Exercises Are Awesome

manual penis enlargement techniques e1440448226331 300x223 Manual Penis Enlargement Exercises Are AwesomeYesterday before sex I was looking down at my penis… and it looked huge.

My girl looked at it and said “Babe, did your penis grow?”

I get that question a lot from her… and yes, I think it had grown.

Penis size fluctuates on a day to day basis, depending on level of arousal, circulation, testosterone, amount of sleep (which influences blood circulation and testosterone levels).

And on this day, my penis was on it’s upper end… it looked like a mushroom-headed, thick rocket or something… there was some extra shaft that was never there before.  It looked LONG… like longer than usual.

My girth has always been healthy, and in all honesty, girth looked about the same, but my penis just looked so long…

I almost wanted to stop in the middle of foreplay to measure it, but my girl would have killed me.  She doesn’t know I do these manual penis enlargement exercises, all she knows is that I have a big penis, and there are days where it is bigger than normal… it’s massive.

Okay, compared to some of those elephant trunks you see in porn, it’s not at that level… but compared to average, and compared to what I used to be, my penis is big.

Manual Penis Enlargement Exercises – Cheating The System, And No One Needs To Know

What my girl does know is that I have this natural penis enlargement guide I’ve written to help men learn how to do manual penis enlargement exercises the right way… how to gain penis size quickly and safely with your hands.

But I told her I don’t do the exercises any more… I don’t know, maybe it’s just me and my big ego… but I rather not share that with her.

Let her just keep thinking my penis is growing on it’s own…

“It’s just a second puberty, babe…”

I know some men tell their girl they do penis enlargement, but not many.  One guy told me his girlfriend helps him with some of the exercises, which I find quite cool (I would have a problem staying away from getting an erection if my girl was trying to help me though…)

So as to cheating the system… yeah…

Some smartasses like to say that there is nothing you can do make your penis bigger… I see it all the time on question and answer forums, even to this day.

You CAN make your penis bigger. Even science has backed up claims that you can increase penis size.

(note: the above study was done using extension devices, which provide a similar effect to stretching exercises in penis enlargement… but in my experience, men gain MUCH more size, both in length and girth –  and with much less time and effort — doing manual penis enlargement techniques with their hands).

This is one area of life you can cheat, without any negative “revenge” from life… like everything else you do.

There’s always a “payback” of some sort when you “cheat the system” of life to achieve something good:  

  • Antidepressants will give you a give you the greatest mood in the world, but your libido will take a dive, and your energy levels will plummet in time
  • Propecia will help you keep / regrow your hair, but can knock your hormones out of whack, and “feminize” you… (temporarily, of course… don’t buy that crap that Propecia side effects are permanent)
  • Blood pressure meds will stabilize your blood pressure, but can cause ED

Most things have a “payment” of some sort that you must pay… but not in this case.

Who knows, maybe because these exercises will give you a bigger penis without drugs, and it’s the medications that cause side effects.

A Bigger Penis Is An Edge In The Dating World – Where Survival Of The Fittest Is A Real Thing

manual penis enlargement exercises e1440448391563 300x270 Manual Penis Enlargement Exercises Are AwesomeIf you’re married or in a relationship, you may want to try these exercises to make your penis bigger just out of curiosity… but you don’t have such a need as a single person.

However, if you are single, just know that if you have a 5.5 inch penis, having a thicker 6.5 inch penis with a bigger flaccid penis will give you an edge over the “old you”.

While a strong, attractive personality, intelligence and humor can allow you to attract a woman in a “higher league” than you, many women do factor in physical attributes such as height, hair, attractiveness of face, build, hand and foot size, financial situation, way of dressing… and when it comes down to it, penis size.

Of course, there isn’t some set rule to any of this.

We’ve all seen the short bald guy with a gut, with the tall sexy ass lady giggling like a schoolgirl, holding his hand.

But when single, try and improve as many of these attributes as possible… And this is one that you can influence!

Manual Penis Enlargement Exercises Will Make You Hung, Which Will Make You Even More Confident

Something that shocks guys is how quickly they see results with these exercises.

In the first week, you will have a longer, thicker, heavier flaccid penis, just doing these penis enlargement exercises with your hands…. And as time goes by, keep up the exercises, and size will continue to grow….

Something I’ve always noticed in myself is a correlation between flaccid penis size and confidence.

When I’ve done the exercises for a few days in a row, and my flaccid penis is SUPER huge, I feel “larger” than if I were to hit the gym hard for a week straight, and neglect the flaccid penis enlargement exercises completely.

(Gaining flaccid size has always been an interesting area of penis enlargement to me, and I’ve learned some exercises specifically to reach that goal – a bigger flaccid hang).

Yes, These Exercises Are Awesome

I get a feeling of joy when I think about these exercises… knowing I “built this thing” myself.

The look on my girls face when she’s looking at my large fleshy pipe about to enter her…

Walking around with a long, hanging penis when not horny, literally making me “a swinging dick”.

For my own personal guide to manual penis enlargement exercises, including a routine developed through years of research, practice, and observation, click here: Manual Penis Enlargement Exercises…

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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