Trick To The Multiple Male Orgasm – Timing & Strength of PC

multiple male orgasms 200x300 Trick To The Multiple Male Orgasm - Timing & Strength of PCI had terrible premature ejaculation when I started out having sex (and for a good while after), and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t delay ejaculation.

On top of that, once I ejaculated, my penis and libido were DONE… at least for an hour or so.  And when I did overcome my refractory period and get it up again, I wasn’t 100% hard, and STILL couldn’t last long enough for a woman to orgasm.

Then I came across the multiple male orgasm technique.

The answer to my prayers!

It didn’t matter if I finished quickly, because with the multiple male orgasm technique, I would eliminate my refractory period, maintain my erection and libido, and keep on penetrating!!

First time I tried it, I somehow pulled it off… I had an orgasm, but maintained all my erection hardness (and mental horniness), and continued on until a second orgasm… it was AWESOME!

“Wait till I used the technique during sex!  No more quick performance and then being assed-out on the bed.  I was going to make a woman orgasm (FINALLY), with this miracle solution“…

But first it took some practicing… I wasn’t going to try this technique during sex, and fail miserably, and most likely have an even worse performance than if I wasn’t trying to have multiple male orgasms.

So I set aside some time to learn multiple male orgasms… but I just COULDN’T replicate the results I had the first time I tried.

I would clamp down with a hard PC squeeze at the point of no return, but I would still lose my erection… except without the pleasurable orgasm (which doubly sucked). Or I would have an orgasm, clamp down, and then QUICKLY get a second “half orgasm”, and lose my erection… not extending my performance any more than having one orgasm.

I learned in time I was having a refractory period. This occurs when you try the multiple orgasm technique, but don’t have a strong enough pc muscle, or hold down the squeeze long enough, or do it at the right time.

So you block part of the ejaculation, and much like a switch on train tracks, you change the direction of the ejaculation, but it goes inwards, towards the bladder.

This is harmless… you pee out the ejaculate next time you urinate, and it only occurs when trying multiple male orgasms (and failing)… but it won’t cause any permanent issues.

You WILL, however, fail to perform the technique, waste semen (which the Taoists call your “life essence”), and not even enjoy a pleasurable orgasm from it!

You need to PROPERLY strengthen the PC muscle, so that it is VERY strong before attempting the technique, and learn to hold it down hard enough and long enough to block off ALL the ejaculation during orgasm. There are a few more steps towards mastering the multiple male orgasm EVERY TIME, click here for more info…

It’s not easy to master, but I’ll show you the mistakes men usually make when trying the technique… then before you know it, you’ll be having a number of orgasms without going soft.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement

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