Ultimate Oral Clitoral Stimulation – Two Powerful Techniques

oral clitoral stimulation 267x300 Ultimate Oral Clitoral Stimulation - Two Powerful Techniques

You may have heard the oral sex advice about doing the letters of the alphabet with your tongue on a woman’s clitoris.

That oral clitoral technique is nonsense.

Imagine if a girl was to use a different tongue stroke on your shaft during a blowjob… would you ever get off? It’s hard enough getting off with the same motion, if not done well…

And well… the clitoris and the penis are a lot alike… just with the clit being much smaller.

You need to repeat THE SAME type of oral clitoral stimulation to get a girl off…

That being said, it IS okay to throw in a “variation move” after repeating several of the correct tongue strokes, but make sure to revert back.

Alternate between the two following oral clitoral stimulation techniques, and she’ll be grabbing your head and having a powerful pulsating orgasm all thanks to your mouth:

1) Start with the back part of your tongue, the thicker part of your tongue, pushing into her clitoris, and then hit her with a long slow stroke until the tip of the tongue, then quickly “reset” and put the back part of your tongue on her clit, and repeat.  Do this for 10 – 20 strokes, and then go to stroke b).

2) Push your tongue HARD into her clit, and leave it there for 5 – 10 seconds, and then quickly pull it away.  Return to stroke a).

Then just repeat, repeat, repeat… until she’s pushing her pulsating vagina into your face in orgasmic glory. There are a couple of things you can do to make her orgasm faster during cunnilingus.

Get her real turned on first before you put your tongue to her clit. Play snake charmer… make the clit rise out from under the clitoral hood on its own. Suck her nipples, talk dirty, squeeze her butt cheeks… get in her head. This will make the job easier when your tongue hits the clit.

While licking her clit, finger her with a “come here” motion, hitting her g-spot on the upper wall. This will make the outside job easier, and you’ll be providing her with double the pleasure.  In reality, the g-spot is the internal part of the “clitoral cluster”, so you’re working the clitoris from both sides.

Keep it up, and your lady will have the most powerful orgasms she’s ever had… and more than likely, she’ll return the favor and go down on you as well.

Over the years I’ve learned way more than just oral sex techniques and methods of clitoral stimulation…

For how to give a woman powerful, multiple orgasms during penetration, see here!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
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