What a Long Flaccid Penis!! My Introduction To Penis Enlargement

become hung flaccid e1425402189474 300x290 What a Long Flaccid Penis!! My Introduction To Penis EnlargementI went to work this morning, clocked in, and went to the bathroom to take a piss.

When I pulled out my penis to urinate, it felt long as hell in my hands.

I had a long flaccid penis, hanging low in my hands, and on top of that, when I looked down, I saw the base of my penis looked longer/extended longer/was bigger…

My penis used to be tiny when flaccid.  I mean tiny.

My erect size wasn’t too bad (an average as hell six inches), but my flaccid size was embarrassingly childlike.  Definitely a grower.

Embarrasing… I’ve had embarrassing moments… disgraceful almost.  I used to dance on a chick in the club and be all self conscious about what she was feeling… it felt like a tiny nub.

I first heard about penis enlargement exercises when I saw a before-and-after photo of some dude’s long flaccid penis after doing the exercises.  This was like back in ’97…

It was hard to deny…. it was the same guy… it looked IDENTICAL, everything… except the penis.

And I examined the photo, and it did not look fake at all… and this was back in ’97, where photoshop was nowhere as good as what they have now.

This guy had gone from an average/small looking flaccid penis, to a long as hell flaccid sausage that intimidated, disgraced, and created a lot of envy in me.

I was in my late teens at the time.

But I still had so much interest in this.  I wanted my penis to be bigger… what the fuck?  Who doesn’t?

I clicked on the link with the dude that was hung like a walrus and arrived at a set of the original penis enlargement exercises… stretch, slap penis against legs to move blood around, jelq, warm-up, warm-down… very elementary penis enlargement exercises… no warning about the dorsal nerve…

But still, this was back in ’97, this guy was one of the penis enlargement pioneers…

I tried the exercises for a little while, gained nothing, so I cut penis enlargement out.

Time goes by, more humiliating moments with tiny flaccid penis, I wanted to learn about penis enlargement exercises again.

This time with a little more determination. And a little more research on safety measures

(Oh and when you do penis enlargement exercises, they increase your erect length as well as your erect girth, as well as the size of your flaccid penis. But for some reason I really enjoy the larger flaccid penis now).

So I got back to doing the penis enlargement exercises… I never measured my flaccid size, but my erect length had gained a little under half an inch.

I started experiencing some annoying feelings like needing to pee all the time, so I cut them out again.  My flaccid penis hadn’t permanently grown by anything significant, but I took the little extra erect length without a problem.

Years go by, not so many embarrassing experiences anymore, but still self conscious about my small flaccid penis size, probably in about ’03, I begin doing the penis enlargement exercises again!!

A little older, I’ve developed a little more determination and ability to find information.

I begin to research on how to really make the penis enlargement exercises effective… and safe…

After years I learned that you have a dorsal nerve the runs along the top of your penis shaft, and if you put too much pressure on it when you jelq, it can weaken your erections, cause your penis to go numb, SHRINK your flaccid size, and make you feel like peeing all the time… not fun

So I began really learning how to perform these penis enlargement exercises safely, I was learning from men who have gained two, three, FOUR inches in extra erect length… and I learn how to make these penis enlargement exercises as effective as possible without causing any problems to my penis’s functions.

And now 1.5 inches later I’m standing over the toilet taking a piss, and I am thanking the Universe for letting me grow this heavy flesh snake.

For more information on these manual exercises for a long flaccid penis, click here…

Hard to believe but it’s true…

Have a good one!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
Overall Manhood Enhancement
The Ultimate Sex Guide for Men… “male potency without drugs”

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