My Erection Is Not As Strong As It Used To Be… Why?

my erection is not as strong as it used to be 300x245 My Erection Is Not As Strong As It Used To Be... Why?I hear this question everyday.

“Why Isn’t My Erection As Hard As It Used To Be?”

In actuality most of the cases where erections aren’t as hard any more are not because of a physical issue, but because of anxiety, or some other psychological wall getting in the way of the erection, that wasn’t there before.

You might assume something is physically wrong with your erection, because it didn’t get hard one time, and this wrong assumption will then increase the anxiety, making the erection issues even worse in the future.

Then the next time you try and achieve an erection, the pressure is on… you are not just having fun and trying to experience pleasure… the stakes are higher now… you are testing your erectile power, and therefore your manhood!

Or at least that’s what it feels like at the time… I’ve been there, had that problem. In my late teens I went through a stressful time period where I was convinced that I had erectile dysfunction.

After everything was said and done, it’s not that my erection wasn’t was strong as it used to be, but I had sexual performance anxiety… which is the culprit for 90% of the erectile problems we experience.

I received an email below from a man facing this very same problem… see my solution below it.

Question regarding cause of erectile dysfunction:

“Hello, i would like to ask you about a problem i am having.. i am with a girl for about 1,5 year.. i cant remember if i always had that problem or its something new,but lately my erection is not 100% hard..i don’t think its because of anxiety or something cause no only when i am with her its not,but also when i masturbate…what could the problem be and is there anything i can do?

Thank you in advance.”

-Anonymous from Greece

My Reply:

The mind – erection connection is a funny thing.

Any anxiety or worry present, and you won’t be able to get hard. You need to be calm… at ease… at least to some degree, in order to become horny, and therefore aroused.

If you are younger than 40, there’s not much of a chance that your erection isn’t as strong as it used to be… pretty much, cardiovascular health issues, and issues with the health of the penis tissue shouldn’t kick in at that young of an age.

If you wake up with morning wood, even if not every day, then you can pretty much say with certainty that your problem is completely mental, not physical.

Can’t get it up, and you’re younger than 40? Then you need to overcome your sexual performance anxiety / psychological erectile dysfunction.

That’s why your erection isn’t as hard lately…

It’s important to acknowledge the anxiety, and not ignore it. This can help you to learn / see the issue, and how to overcome it.

Just concentrate on getting horny, and let your erection do its job. It knows what to do.

Physical erection strengthening exercises can definitely improve the physical aspect of your erections, giving you much HARDER erections than you used to have… most likely than you’ve ever had. See here…

best regards,

-David aka Mr. Manpower
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