Penises Were Created With The Potential To Permanently Increase In Size

This is something that I think about from time to time: the fact that penises seem to have been created with the ability to become larger. Could it be that God granted this appendage, that is of so much importance to us men, the ability to increase in size, but only to a chosen few who learn the esoteric techniques and are willing to take a risk and try it?

Then we are awarded with a larger penis to feel proud of, and to provide increased pleasure to our partners. Not to seem shallow, but an endless stream of satisfaction and confidence comes to me when think about my penis, how I increased it from a very average six inches (with an embarrassingly small flaccid penis) to a thicker, veinier, seven-and-a-half inch penis, with a larger, heavier flaccid penis that now hangs. It also gives me satisfaction that not many people do these exercises, and even more don’t believe they work.

I plan on being that guy, who just so matter-of-factly describes natural penis enlargement exercises and benefits to you, that you will have to believe.

The reason I believe God created the penis to be enlarged, is that fact that it is made of such a soft, spongy flesh, that can so easily be manipulated, stretched and worked on, and can remain in a larger state, and still be fully functional, if not even more functional. It still blows my mind. I’ve seen before and after photos of men who have gained more than two inches in length from their original size with natural penis enlargement.

I know some who have gained this amount from the exercises taught in my guide alone…email me with “Photo Proof” in the subject line, for some photos of this.

What other parts of your body is there that is created with this type of material? None..the penis was created with the potential to be made larger….

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It’s time more people learned about this.

Have a good one!!

-David Carreras aka Mr. Manpower
Mr. Manpower’s Guide to
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