Can a Woman Cheat On You Just Because of Premature Ejaculation?

how to overcome premature ejaculation mentally 300x196 Can a Woman Cheat On You Just Because of Premature Ejaculation?I received an anonymous email yesterday from a man worrying that his wife will cheat on him because he can’t last long during sex.

I provide my advice on the situation, and how to overcome premature ejaculation naturally (and a medical solution as well).

His email:

“Ive been with my wife over 4 years.. and since we’ve started having sex I’ve never lasted more than 2 minutes. I know I don’t satisfy her and she gets frustrated at times and to think about her going with someone else behind my back kills me. I really need your help.I read some reviews people posted on your site about lasting 30 minutes and I would really appreciate if you can help me do that. Is there a guide you can send to me or anything u recommend? Please I don’t.know what else to do. I’m counting on you to change my life.

Thank you

Hope to hear from you soon”

My reply:

Premature ejaculation is frustrating as hell.

I used to have it.

Seemed like nothing I did would help… I used to resort to drinking alcohol before I had sex, because it would help me last a bit longer (a sad, and inconvenient, solution)…

But even then, even if I was able to extend my performance somehow to the magical 5 or 6 minutes, I would still ejaculate BEFORE she was able to have an orgasm.

So even if I stopped-and-started a thousand times, and was able to extend sex to 10 minutes (which I never did in my premature ejaculation days; just saying… hypothetically), as soon as I was rounding 3rd base, and hauling ass towards home plate, I’d still finish before she got her orgasm… that final stretch is where I always failed.

It seemed like I just needed a couple more minutes of full-speed penetration with a hard penis… but I lost my power after that ejaculation, and no longer had the tool to do the job.

Part of my problem in overcoming premature ejaculation, besides the limited amount of times I could stroke before I was going to bust, was that I wasn’t putting pressure on the right area of my lady to make her orgasm!

If you were to go down on her for a good while before penetrating, you’ll get her clitoris hot and ready.

Once the clit is hot and ready, then begin penetration… penetrate quickly, in more of an up-and-down, swift and rough rubbing motion against the clit… while keeping your penis in her.

Has she ever ridden you?

Women many times instinctively know how to get themselves off… especially if you get her really horny, and get her clit hot and sensitive.

When we suffer from premature ejaculation, we turn sex into a test… where WE want to be the one who gives the orgasm. Letting her give herself an orgasm doesn’t seem like it “counts”.

However, allowing her to get on top, and ride herself to orgasm will accomplish two things:

1) she’ll have an orgasm for once!

2) you can study her motion, and replicate it when you are on top.

Do it for the sake of science! Get your ego out of the way!

Replicate her motion when YOU are on top, and your two minutes should be enough to get the job done.

About Your Woman Leaving or Cheating if You Have Premature Ejaculation… Can it Happen?

I had women leave me when I had premature ejaculation… but not because of the premature ejaculation, specifically, but rather because of the lack of orgasm on her part.

And can you blame her?

Think of this objectively… if you were in a relationship for 4 years, and she’s never given you an orgasm, how would you feel?

Obviously, it’s very hard on you… you’re doing your best, but it’s hard on her as well.

We’re all human… none of us are exempt from struggle.

But if you can get her off, than your premature ejaculation doesn’t matter! Eat her out until she orgasms, or eat her out until she’s close to orgasm, and penetrate her ’til she’s finished!

Then she’ll be satisfied during sex, you brought her an orgasm, AND you took some of the pressure off, which will reduce your anxiety and should help you achieve better ejaculation control mentally.

Do this, and you should be able to eliminate your concerns of her leaving or cheating… and even if you continue on this path of not satisfying her, there’s no guarantee she really is thinking of cheating… MANY women go through life ORGASM-LESS… and just accept it as is….

Poor things….

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